BCNA General Association Meeting

This Coming Tuesday BCNA Meeting
BCNA Meeting on Tuesday

BCNA General Association Meeting
October 11 2016
6:45 PM The High Road, 700 Dawson Road

AGENDA-current draft

6:45-7:00  Introductions

7:00-7:10 Updates Part 1
-Elections committee, Elections in December
-Junior League Christmas Affair traffic plan

7:10-7:20  Parks
-PETF resolution on Long Center Skyline Concert Series
-Request funds from BCNA Parks Account to match Parks
Foundation grant application for West Bouldin Creek
Greenbelt trail enhancements

7:20-7:40 Bylaws revisions review, possible vote

7:40-8:20 Zoning
7:40-8:10 Presentations, vote on PSW up-zoning request,
Neighborhood Plan Amendment
8:10-8:20 Review ordinance amendment for 1615 & 1617 S.2nd
Pegalo Properties.
Charles Schultz Triangle (Hooter’s) PUD application

8:20-8:30  Updates Part II
-Update on  Garage Placement Design tool NP Amendment
-St. Anne African Episcopal Church purchase proposal
-04 Condo/Eva St. Residents: Guero’s parking garage code violations
-ANC Resolution on Linkage Fees for Affordable Housing
-Request to Support Lamar NA code re-interpretation of second residential dwelling
8:45 Adjourn

Proposed Bylaw Changes

There are new proposed bylaws and documents that demonstrate differences for comparison purposes.

Existing Bylaws:

Proposed Bylaws:

Summary of Changes:

Bylaws Comparison: