BCNA Zoning Committee April 16, 2018

BCNA Zoning Committee April 16, 2018
The Zoning Committee serves in an advisory role to the Steering Committee and its votes do not bind the BCNA. All meetings are open to the general membership and public at large. The Zoning Committee will convene in executive session and shall exclude all persons except Committee Members and BCNA Officers from executive session.
Members: Stuart Sampley, Kris Hyatt, Patrick Ousey, Jeff Seiden, Ryan Gullahorn, Gail Armstrong, Paul Strange, Jesse Moore ( ex officio )

6:45pm at the High Road,  700 Dawson Road

6:45 – Previous business and agenda discussion                                                 • 1710 Bouldin                                                                                                                     • 1605 S. 3rd Street
7:00 – 1310 S. Lamar ( Brett Denton representing Ardent                        Residential )
• Seeking compatibility variance for VMU Project from BOA
7:30 – Discussion and vote
8:00 – Adjourn

All the News that Fits-April 2018

Texas School for the Deaf
Performing Arts Program Presents:
“Noises Off” – A High School Production
April 12, 13, 14, 2018 Link here:

Trail maintenance in the West Bouldin Creek          Greenbelt

Neighbors,                                                                                                                                       We will do trail maintenance in the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt, 1200 S 6th Street,  next Saturday April 14 from 9 am to  noon. The ground is still soft from the recent rains and this is a great time to pull out the encroaching ragweed.

Keep Austin Beautiful and the Austin Parks Foundation are providing tools and gloves – all we need now is about 30 people to get this done.                                                                                                                                Please join us, even if only for an hour; kids and friends welcome. The greenbelt is gorgeous at this time of the year and the weather promises to be warmer.                                                                                                         Thanks, Ingrid Weigand                                                                                                   BCNA Parks Committee                                                                                                512-663-4632

Becker Elementary Yard Sale Saturday April 21, 2018

Calling for Donations: Do some spring cleaning & help Becker                    Elementary.                                                                                                                 Start your Spring cleaning and help us make the Becker Yard Sale (Benefiting the 5th grade) a huge success this year.

We need valuable items to reach our goal for this year’s field trip and we’re close, but we’re counting on this sale to make it.

Please see the attached poster and help us pass the word with your neighbors or friends who would like to donate items. And please invite them to come shop on Saturday, April 21 from 9am – 1pm. Stop by and have a taco or coffee with us, too. Bring the whole family for a great day. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

Donations will be accepted starting next week at the White House during drop off and pickup: 913 W. Milton St. 7:15-7:45 am and 2:45-3:15.

Events affecting the n’hood plus events of interest

Austin Reggae Festival – Friday April 20 – Sunday April 22nd

Expect heavy traffic in and around Auditorium Shores all three days

Barricades at Dawson, Bouldin, Gibson, Christopher Streets –                 Resident Access Only                                                                                                           (see PDF road closure document)

Barricades and APD Officers will be present for residential street closure.

More local events of interest:

Bike Night is a leisurely event for cyclists of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.                                                                                     

Roberta Reed Crenshaw Overlook Dedication:       The Austin Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership with Austin Parks Foundation, is holding an Overlook Dedication and Sign Unveiling for Roberta Reed Crenshaw on the North side of Lady Bird Lake on Friday, April 6, 2018 at 2:00 pm. The location is on the Southwest corner of Cesar Chavez and Congress Avenue.  Link here:

Palmer Heavy Traffic For April:  Here

State calls on appeals court to take up Austin short-term rental case.  Story here:

BCNA General Membership meeting April 10, 2018

The agenda is simple for the BCNA general membership meeting Tuesday April 10 starting at 6:45 at the High Road on Dawson.

We’ll begin with introductions and a few announcements.

7:00 we will commence a hopefully informative discussion regarding draft 3 of CodeNext and the BCNA’s position on that. I hope to have some information and a brief PowerPoint to start with. The steering committee has made a recommendation for BCNA’s position, which is below. However, this recommendation was not unanimous and all voices are welcome and will be heard before voting on the BCNA’s position. Thanks–Jesse


Here is the BCNA steering committee’s recommendation.  It is a moderate position that does not oppose CodeNext in its entirety and supports many aspects of the current draft.

1)  BCNA supports putting CodeNext on the ballot before being adopted.

2)  BCNA supports delaying the finalization of CodeNext until at least the end of summer, with extended public input and at least one interim rounds of  changes, and BCNA demands that the underlying data and analysis be immediately shared by the City with the community.

3)  BCNA supports the following aspects of the current draft of               CodeNext:
a) BCNA supports the overall reductions in land use restrictions resulting potential increases in housing  supply in the current draft, except for the specific  problems stated below.
b)  BCNA supports reducing unfair treatment of Bouldin and other older SF-3 neighborhoods by treating Bouldin and other such neighborhoods on a more equal  basis than current law.
c)   BCNA supports the increased freedom for home occupations, but some aspects of this increased freedom threaten to reduce affordability and are  inappropriate, as stated below.

4)  BCNA opposes the following aspects of the current draft of                CodeNext, and requests:
a)   The fee-in-lieu loopholes in affordability standards should be closed.
b)   One on-site parking space per housing unit should be required.
c)   BCNA requests some limits for visitor traffic for home occupations to be  maintained, and believes the new accessory uses and signage permitted for  residential areas go too far.
d)  The permit process changes that reduce public input and remove accountability by elected officials are not acceptable.
e)  The single-family attached loophole should be closed, and the treatment proposed for duplexes should be applied to single-family attached housing.
f)  The fee-in-lieu loopholes for sidewalk construction should be closed.

BCNA Steering Committee meeting April 2nd, 2018

BCNA Steering Committee meeting                              April 2nd, 2018                                                                        6:45pm at the High Road,  700 Dawson Road

 BCNA Steering Committee Minutes


Multifamily outreach:
  • Neighbors @ Wilson between Live Oak and Oltorf will report problems with trash not getting picked up to President of tenants association.
  • Newsletters and signs are going out for GA meeting.
  • Not moving on this as it’s a project for the Summer.
Parks committee
  • Saturday, April 14 will be a work day to widen the trail and spread the mulch. Parks committee will call for volunteers.
Zoning committee
Hooter’s PUD/SCWAB update:
  • South Austin Coalition CDC (SACCDC) is applying for 501C3 status. Then they intend to apply for grant money from the Downtown Alliance to allocate some affordability funding towards South Austin activities, particularly low income housing.
  • Each of the seven (7) SACCDC neighborhoods are invited to have a seat on a board involved with this issue. For more info on the PID and CDC involvement, see discussion from Kathy Tovo in “item number 82” on the last City Council meeting minutes.
  • BCNA will tentatively discuss CDC in June.
Warren CUP update:
  • Pink zone provided a write-up on their position regarding BCNA/Warren negotiation.
  • Robert to discuss the possibility of a subcommittee with the ad hoc group of immediate neighbors. If subcommittee is formed and a compromise is proposed, subcommittee would evaluate, then steering committee would evaluate if a GA vote is warranted.
Green Pastures update:
  • Green Pastures does not currently plan to apply for a music permit, They do plan to put an independent survey in neighbors’ mailboxes. If plans to apply for music permit change, they will comply with CoA application rules.
1603 S. 3rd variance:
  • ZC recommends supporting the 1603 S 3rd St variance application. Steering committee voted in favor of supporting the variance.
GA meeting planning
  • Next meeting will be focused on CodeNext.
  • CoA composting and recycling will have some time.
  • Add announcement regarding Austin Mobility call for feedback.


BCNA CodeNext

Resolution Draft:
– Modifications and additions were proposed and integrated into the draft.

  • Steering committee put to a vote to adopt this position:  2 opposed, 11 in favor. Position was adopted.

8:30  motion to adjourn was passed