Founded in 1971, the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association (BCNA) is one of the city’s oldest area resident groups. Its purpose is to preserve and improve neighborhood residents’ life quality, providing support in all 

matters affecting it. (see neighborhood bylaws).

Thanks to the area’s close proximity to burgeoning downtown recreational and commercial activity, BCNA often finds itself reminding city government and private commerce that the rights of its 3,000-plus residential households and family businesses must be respected and safeguarded as a model of the traditional neighborhoods city planners seek to preserve in the “smart growth” matrices they espouse.

BCNA is an all-volunteer organization, and any area resident can be a member. So if you live in the area, there are countless ways you can become involved. Remember, involved is informed. And volunteering is a great way to meet your neighbors. An easy way to start is by checking out postings tagged as “Volunteer Opportunities.”