Association, Community Engagement, Meeting Minutes, Parks and Rec, PTMD, Traffic, Safety & Parking, Zoning and Permits

Monday, December 12th, 6:45 pm

*Because of the City of Austin Runoff Elections taking place Tuesday, 12/13, the next BCNA General Assembly meeting will take place on MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th.

TEXAS SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF – Admin. & Welcome Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room (Map below)


  • Approval of Previous General Association Meeting Minutes
  • Finance Report and presentation of 2023 Operations and Parks Budgets
  • Report from Community Engagement Committee
  • Report from the Parks Committee
  • Report Traffic and Safety Committee — Update from PTMD Working Group
  • Zoning Committee Update – Copeland Development
  • 2023 Officer Introductions, nominations from the floor and Election