Anyone who lives in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood can participate by:

  • Joining the BCNA e-mail group
  • Attending General Assocation meetings, held the second (2nd) Tuesday of every third (3rd) month at 6:45 PM

Annual dues are a suggested $25 per household, but this is not required for membership. You can register in two ways:

Send an email to with your name(s), addresses, and phone numbers

After sending this e-mail, you can optionally donate via Paypal

Paper Mail
Print out an application and mail (with an optional check) to the following address:

Ronnie Dittmar-BCNA Treasurer
PO Box 3683
Austin TX 78764

Registration is valid through December of the year following the year in which you register. Generally we encourage renewed registration every year, either via email, or attendance and sign in at General Association meetings.