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General Association Meeting 4/11

Tuesday, April 11th 6:45 pm

TEXAS SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF – Admin. & Welcome Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room (Map below)

Due to security at Texas School for the Deaf, School staff have asked that we send a list of attendees prior to the meeting.  This will also expedite access to the grounds thru the gate off Elizabeth Street.

Note:  If you plan to attend please send a email to Matt Coldwell at


  • Meet and Greet, Council Member Jose Velasquez – District 3
  • Meeting Called to Order & Introductions – Thom Parker
  • Remarks – Council Member Jose Velasquez 

Regular Business

  • Approval of February 21st, General Association Meeting Minutes –  Noah Cohen
  • Treasurer’s Report – Year to Date (Operations & Parks Budgets) – Isaac Cohen
  • Community Engagement Update – Denise Zucco
  • Parks & Green Spaces Committee Updates –   Ingrid Weigand
  • Oak Wilt Determination & Oak Wilt Education Campaign
    • Oak Wilt Arborist Contract – Parks Budget Request **vote required.        
    • Mary Dawson Pocket Park – Design (Concept 2), Next Steps           
  • Traffic, Safety & Parking Committee – Thom Parker
    • Report to General Association – PTMD Working Group
    • SoCo PTMD Oversight Committee Development
    • Traffic and Safety Committee Chair (vacancy)
  • Zoning Committee Updates – Jody Zemel
    • Update on High Road – Blacks BBQ tentative plan for club.
  • Homeless and Unhoused Working Group Update  – Ingrid Weigand
    • Summary of Meetings with City Officials and Staff
    • Meeting report: Concerned Residents                                              
    • Next Homeless Working Group Meeting –
    • BCNA Homeless Google Doc – reporting documentation  – Matt Coldwell

Other Business

  • Local Historical Districts – Information Update                                  Cory Walton

Upcoming Events – Auditorium Shores

  • Capitol 10,000K Run – Sunday April 16, 8 am to 2 pm (Lanes closed, 1st Street Bridge)