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SoCo PTMD is rolling out in the neighborhood

SoCo Parking and Traffic Management District General Information:

Following years of City of Austin research, planning and discussion – The SoCo PTMD (Parking & Transportation Management District) previously approved by CoA City Council will roll out in Bouldin’s Yellow & Purple Sectors and across into Travis Heights between now and the end of the year. 

Why BCNA agreed to participate in the SoCo Parking and Traffic Management District.  The City of Austin, Parking Enterprise Department was tasked to set up the program by City Council.  By agreeing to participate in the program Bouldin Creek NA will receive 51% of parking fees after expenses. These funds can be used to address safety and traffic management issues on neighborhood streets.

Our streets are receiving PTMD paid parking in the form of a Hybrid program including Resident Permit Parking/Pay to Park Zones and Employee Permit Parking.  These blocks will cover all the Yellow Sector and many of the Purple Sector blocks.  Hybrid indicates that visitors (without a visitor hang tag permit) will pay hourly to park with a maximum $39/Day.

Hybrid Resident Permit Parking\Pay to Park Zones

These areas will continue to allow residents to park with registered vehicles and visitor hang tags/daily passes. Visitors will be allowed to pay and park during certain hours. Streets are subject to change, and all drivers should check signs before parking. Eligible residents will continue to use the Residential Parking Permit site for vehicle registration and guest passes. 

Resident/Pay-to-park zones activation

Times below reflect when streets are open to the public for paid parking.  Outside these times, parking is by resident or visitor permit only.

Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Hybrid Employee Permit Parking\Pay to Park Zones (EPP)

These areas allow employees with permits to park and visitors to pay to park at all hours.  These are selected locations around the SoCo Parking District for employees to use.  There are no employee parking permits allowed on South Congress Ave.

Residents who never had RPP on the street at the front of their house will get resident only parking in the evening to overnight and can park anytime day or night with a required, paid annual permit.  Visitors will be allowed to pay-to-park on these Hybrid blocks by paying hourly during non-resident only hours using the ParkATX application or using a Text To Park website.  Some employees of local business will get an EPP permit allowing them to park on the EPP Hybrid blocks, these blocks are shared with Visitors who can pay-to-park (Resident Visitor Hang Tags will not work for Hybrid EPP blocks).  Generally, most EPP Hybrid parking is on block faces that are not directly fronted by a main Residence with a few limited exceptions.

If you currently have RPP you will likely see a change in your RPP hours and you will have Paid Hourly Visitors parking during the daytime; If you are accustomed to finding a space directly out front – you may be looking for a space elsewhere on your block or on adjacent blocks during visitor paid parking hours are allowed; Resident Permits will be valid for the entire Bouldin area so you’ll be able to park without paying hourly in any Bouldin Hybrid RPP area.  Bouldin RPP permits will not be valid for any Hybrid EPP blocks or in Travis Heights RPP Hybrid areas.

Resident Parking Permits are available for purchase and will be valid through 2024, these permits are digital and connected to your license plate.  Resident Visitor Hang Tags are available for purchase for 2024 as a transition year, though Resident Visitors will likely need to pay hourly like any other Paid Visitor beginning in 2025 and beyond.  Enforcement Officers have been employee and are using license place readers to identify violators.  Parking ticket revenue goes to the City of Austin general fund, not the SoCo PTMD.

If you’ve never had RPP before, your address will be automatically enabled for purchase of the new Hybrid RPP permits.  2024 Resident permit fees and limits per household will remain the same as 2023.  Generally, if you have an A/B (1/2) duplex or ADU on your lot and there’s a separate utility bill for each unit, then each should qualify for separate permits purchase. RPP permits will not be available for apartment or condo developments.

To see if your residence is eligible for a parking permit use the following link.

15 minute free parking for short term pick up or drop off needs.  Use the Park ATX app.