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Virtual General Association Meeting Tuesday 06-09-2020

Virtual General Association Meeting Tuesday 06-09-2020
Hello neighbors,
Please join the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association for a Virtual General Association meeting this Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 6:45 PM Central Time
This Association Meeting will be via ZOOM an online video conferencing system.
Bouldin Forum subscribers will receive notice and instructions via the forum.
Non-Subscribers can join by selecting one of the following links and then e-mailing treasurer@bouldincreek.com for the passcode”
More Technical information below.

–6:45–Welcome and discussion of virtual meeting.
–6:55–Discussion of electronic newsletter and upcoming changes to BCNA online forum.
–7:00–2020 BCNA budget discussion and vote.
–7:15–1612 Newton St zoning variance review by GA.
–7:20–Update on South Congress parking study.
–7:25–Update on other neighborhood developments and ongoing land development code rewrites.
–7:30–forum on Covid responses and issues.

Thanks for your cooperation as we try new ways in changing times

Minutes HERE:

Joining the General Association Meeting via Zoom:
This meeting will be hosted using Zoom, an online video conferencing system.
Bouldin Forum subscribers will receive notice and instructions via the forum.
Non-Subscribers can join by selecting one of the following links and then e-mailing treasurer@bouldincreek.com for the passcode

Join via the Zoom app: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83992956209
Join via Phone: Dial 346-248-7799, and then enter 839 9295 6209 when prompted.
Note that a passcode will be required when joining via the Zoom app or via phone.

All participants will be initially muted upon joining. If new to Zoom, you may wish to join early to allow a little extra time to handle any technical issues which might occur. We will open the virtual meeting room at 6:30 PM and will be providing guidance to those with technical issues until our meeting start time at 6:45 PM.

All the News that Fits October 2019

Hello neighbors, a lot going on in Austin in the fall. We try to inform folks of events impacting the ‘hood. We also try and update events/happenings from our neighbors.
Missing something, let us know. Thanks

Park’s Day November 2
Now that the weather is cooler (and we had that wonderful rain) it’s time to share some love with our green spaces. We’ll have a quick clean up of both Nicholas Dawson Park and the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt next Saturday, Nov 2, from 9 am to 11 am Meeting place is the entrance to Nicholas Dawson at South First and Gibson, next to the El Mercado parking lot. From there, we’ll spread out to several locations.
Please bring gloves and be prepared to get muddy; wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and sturdy shoes.
I’ll have coffee and some breakfast bars ready; we’ll also supply trash bags.
It’s fall – let’s celebrate and play outside!
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Hello neighbors, this the latest we have on the Land Development Code Draft, with a good discussion on the n’hood forum. Have anything to add here send it to us.

For you activists and other concerned neighbors:

This Saturday, Oct. 26, Planning Commission will hold the first public hearing on the draft. Sign-up for speakers will open at 8:30am and close at 1pm; testimony will commence at 10am, and each speaker will be given three minutes to make their case (with donated time allowed up to nine minutes).
Share your feedback with local land use commissioners on the proposed land development code rewrite.
City Hall, 301 W. Second. . www.austintexas.gov.

“RALLY AGAINST THE “NEXT CODENEXT” Community Not Commodity – the group largely responsible for CodeNEXT’s demise – hosts a counter-rally opposing the new LDC during the Planning Commission’s public hearing. 9am. City Hall, 301 W. Second.
The most important is the Planning Commission hearing on Saturday, October 26, from 9 – 11:30am at City Hall. CnC will hold a rally outside City Hall to help organize and prepare people to speak before the Planning Commission.

RALLY FOR MORE HOMES Local urbanists group AURA invites allies to come out and support the city’s Planning Commissioners during the LDC public hearing. 9am-3pm. Austin City Hall, 301 W. Second, www.aura-atx.org.

Austin’s Land Development Code Schedule Takes Shape
Council could take a first-reading vote in December.
From Austin Chronicle

Mayor to Council 2019-10-17

Monday, November 18th for a Council work session on the draft land development code revision.
Dec. 03, 2019 – City Council Work Session
Dec. 04, 2019 – City Council Work Session
Dec. 07, 2019 – City Council Public Hearing
Dec. 09, 2019 – City Council Special Called Meeting

Maneuvering through the Land Development Code Revision
Here is some info that may hopefully help some of y’all.
Land Development Code Revision >link

Notice at right “Top Content “
To check out your property or those else where go to
Land Development Code Draft and Map LINK

Below to >
Land Development Code Revision Draft Zoning Maps
Proposed Zoning-View an interactive map showing a side-by-side comparison of Austin’s current and proposed zoning. You can explore the map at-will or use the search function to find a specific parcel. LINK

For individual Zoning information go up to
Chapter 3: Zoning Code
Residential Zones start at 23-3C-3800

Three more articles from Austin Chronicle-good discussions.
Latest is about city officials are admitting that the LDC Revision does not, will not, cannot, and was never intended or expected to create any significant amount of affordable housing, Council members are bending over backward to change the subject.
LDC revision notes and notices HERE

How could zoning change in your neighborhood HERE

Austins land use debate returns to the spotlight HERE

Information and comments on Floodplains and Atlas14

Finally just a note from neighbor Carolyn-
“Just remember that the addition of an ADU in homestead effectively negates the homestead exemption for that percentage of the total lot. So, the whole idea that an ADU helps out those of us struggling to pay our over inflated property taxes due to the rising incidence of four half-million dollar homes being built by developers on what used to be a large single family lot is not really viable.
We all need to come to our senses about being taxed on unrealized capital gains in the form of “market value” of the dirt our homes sit on and do something about it. No other gain that I’m aware of is taxed until after it is realized. If the property tax appraised value was based on acquisition cost plus improvements and, then upon the sale of the home the gain was taxed, those of us who “own” our own homes could actually afford them again.
This land code revision is only going to make the problem worse”

SoCo parking study.
The Downtown Austin Alliance and mobility consultants, Nelson Nygaard are holding a workshop on November 5 at 7 pm at the High Road. They will present findings and strategies for the SoCo parking study. Please attend.. It’s your chance to provide feedback and be heard. We will be joined by the SRCC.
What: South Congress Parking Study Resident Workshop
Where: High Road on Dawson (700 Dawson Road, Austin, 78704)
When: 7:00—8:30PM

Nov. 5 local and state elections.
New voting system Information

Polling-Locations https://countyclerk.traviscountytx.gov/polling-locations.html
Nov. 5 local and state elections. Early voting starts Monday, Oct. 21, and runs through Friday, Nov. 1.
On the ballot will be 10 state constitutional amendments, and two citizen initiatives.
Early voting locations and voter ID-info HERE

Current-election/what-s-on-the-ballot https://countyclerk.traviscountytx.gov/elections/current-election/what-s-on-the-ballot.html

Note: There are no mobile voting locations anymore, thanks to the Texas Legislature.

Hot off the press is the October-November Bouldin Bulletin. The same good stuff you might have read while drinking a cup of coffee —but in digital form.

Check this month’s Bulletin for Neighborhood Event Parking and Barricades, the Austin City Limits plus more upcoming events and road closures
More ACL info HERE

Palmer Heavy Traffic October 2019 HERE

Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:


BCNA Meeting Schedules:
BCNA General Association Meeting:
2ndTuesday, every other month
BCNA Steering Committee Meeting:
1st Monday, each month
BCNA Zoning Committee Meeting:
3rd Monday each month
Meetings at 6:45pm
The High Road, 700 Dawson Road

BCNA General Association meeting 10-08-2019

Hello neighbors–The next general membership meeting of the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association will be next Tuesday, October 08, beginning at 6:45 pm at the High Road on Dawson, 700 Dawson.
Hope to see you there.

6:55–Committee updates
7:00–SoCo parking study update
7:05–Unconventional Austin presentation on ballot items & audience Q&A
7:15–Review and discussion of Land Development Code draft
Draft released Friday 10-04-2019.

SoCo parking study update posted in Bouldin Bulletin by Yellow Sector Rep. Elizabeth Howard

Land Development Code draft HERE http://www.austintexas.gov/ldc

Officer elections note
The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association will hold its annual Officers election at the next General Association meeting on Tuesday, December 10.In order to vote in the election or to run for office, you have to be a registered member of the Neighborhood Association. The deadline for registering prior to the election is November 30. Please contact Treasurer, treasurer@bouldincreek.org to sign up or to check whether your registration is current. Attendance (with sign-in) at any meeting within the last 2 years automatically updates your registration.

BCNA General Association meeting 08-13-2019

BCNA General Association meeting 08-13-2019

Hello neighbors–The next general membership meeting of the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association will be next Tuesday, August 13, beginning at 6:45 pm at the High Road on Dawson, 700 Dawson.
Hope to see you there.

Here is the current agenda:
6:55–Traffic Safety & Parking and Parks Committee updates;
7:00–Confirmation vote on BCNA support for crosswalk painting at South Congress & Gibson;
7:05–Discussion and vote on proposed resolution regarding CodeNext (aka land use code rewrite)
–proposed resolution below;
7:20–Statesman site redevelopment presentation by Endeavor Real Estate Group;

Proposed resolution: BCNA opposes unequal zoning changes targeted at only certain current residential areas
and instead supports equal treatment for all property currently zoned as “single family” throughout the City.

  1. Austin had a long history of discriminatory treatment of certain areas that needs to stop.
  2. Unequal policy will both exacerbate displacement of people in targeted areas and fail
    to maximize affordability and environment protection in the other areas of the City.
  3. Austin’s land use laws should promote affordability and walkability equally everywhere in all
  4. neighborhoods.

Thanks–Jesse, BCNA Prez.

BCNA Zoning Committee June 19, 2019

BCNA Zoning Committee June 19, 2019

Attached is the agenda for next Wednesday’s meeting. The Endeavor Group will be presenting their plans for the Statesman Site. The Statesman Site is technically in the South River City NP but whatever is built they will have an impact on BCNA. Hope you can attend.

Members: Stuart Sampley, Kris Hyatt, Patrick Ousey, Jeff Seiden, Ryan Gullahorn, Billy Weaver, Paul Strange
Jesse Moore ( ex officio )

The Zoning Committee serves in an advisory role to the Steering Committee and its votes do not bind the BCNA. All meetings are open to the general membership and public at large. The Zoning Committee will convene in executive session and exclude all persons except Committee Members and BCNA Officers from executive session.

6:45 – Previous business and agenda discussion

7:00 – Statesman PUD ( Endeavor Group )
• PUD Application for 19.3 acre Statesman Site

7:30 – Discussion

8:00 – Adjourn