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All the News that Fits November 2019

Hello neighbors, a lot going on in Austin. We try to inform folks of events impacting the ‘hood. We also try and update events and happenings from our neighbors.
Missing something, let us know. Thanks

BCNA elections 2019
Our annual Officers elections are coming up at the next General Association Meeting on Tuesday, December 10.
In order to vote , or to be considered for an office, you need to be a registered member of our association by November 30.

Registration is easy: just mail or e-mail our Treasurer:
Jeff Seiden-BCNA Treasurer
PO Box 3683
Austin TX 78764
Or treasurer@bouldincreek.org
Please state your name, phone, e-mail address and mailing address.
We do appreciate a $25 annual membership donation but it is not necessary to become a member.

If you have attended General Association meetings this past calendar year and have indicated on the sign-in
sheet that you wish to become a member, you are already registered. Not sure whether you are currently registered?
Please contact the Treasurer and he’ll let you know.
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Election Committee

Election Information
Each year, we elect members of our neighborhood to present our interest in front of City officials, Boards and Commissions
and the Austin City Council.. These are volunteer positions and we appreciate all of you who have donate your time and energy
to make sure our voices are heard.
Below is a list of officers and a description of their roles. Several current officers have expressed interest in running again,
but we are always looking for new neighbors to join.
A list of all known candidates will be published in the upcoming BCNA newsletter; in addition, we will take nominations from the floor at the General Association meeting on December 10.
If you have any questions about any of the roles below, please contact one of the current officers or the Election Committee.
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Elections Committee


The President is the primary spokesperson of the BCNA. S/he presides at all meetings of BCNA general membership and the Executive Committee, makes appointments with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, and cosigns all checks drawn on the account of BCNA.

The Vice President – Neighborhood Issues shall assist and support committees related to zoning, development, parks and traffic.
S/he will preside at BCNA meetings when necessary due to the absence of the president.

The Vice President – External Affairs shall assist and support activities related to community ambassadors, neighborhood-wide social events, creek clean ups, neighborhood outreach, resource persons and serves as the Austin Neighborhood Council Representative.

Communications Director – shall assist with and support activities related to information dissemination, newsletter publication, web sites and other mass media.

Treasurer – shall assist and support activities related to finance, including account record keeping, fund deposit and withdrawals,
and other related business management with respect to fundraising. The Treasurer shall co-sign all checks drawn on the account of BCNA; s/he will give a full report of all accounts on a monthly basis to the Executive Committee and shall keep the General Association apprised of all transactions on BCNA accounts.

The Secretary shall record minutes of the General Association Meeting and the Executive Committee meetings,
as well as assist and support activities related to records and agenda keeping, membership validation, and database managing.

The Sector Representatives are the eyes and the ears of their specific part of the neighborhood. They must live in the sectors they represent.
The Green Sector:
N/S borders: Oltorf to Mary
E/W borders: Railroad tracks to South First

The Lavender Sector:
Oltorf to Johanna
South First to S. Congress

The Blue Sector
Mary to Monroe
Railroad tracks to South First

The Yellow Sector
Johanna to South of the School for the Deaf
South First to S. Congress

The Pink Sector
Monroe to Gibson between Railroad tracks to South First
Gibson to Christopher between S. 5th & South First

The Orange Sector
Gibson to Christopher between RR tracks & S. 5th
Christopher to Barton Springs Rd between RR track and Bouldin

The Brown Sector
Copeland to Barton Springs Rd
S. 2nd to South First

SoCo parking study
The Downtown Austin Alliance and mobility consultants, Nelson Nygaard held a workshop on November 5 at the High Road.
They presented findings and strategies for the SoCo parking study. We were joined by the SRCC.
What: South Congress Parking Study Resident Workshop. More info. HERE

Trail of Lights Neighborhood Night
From: James Russell j.edwardrussell@gmail.com
Date: November 1, 2019 at 2:41:56 PM CDT
To: Thom Parker Thom.Parker@austinymca.org
Cc: Ingrid Weigand ingweig@gmail.com
Subject: Trail of Lights Neighborhood Night

Below is the information for Neighborhood Night at the Trail of Lights. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, James Russell

On one of our private nights, we invite area residents to walk the Trail before it opens to the public for a special Neighborhood Night during an evening dedicated to our STARS at the Trail program. The Austin Trail of Lights will be open to Zilker Park’s neighbors from 7:00pm-9:00 pm on Wednesday, December 4th. We’re offering Zilker area neighborhood residents 4 free tickets to access the Trail on this special night with their families.

Tickets are required for everyone 12 years and older. Tickets not required for children ages 11 and under with a ticketing adult. 4 ticket limit per household please.

*Note: This is a private, special event and food vendors and bars will not be operating.
Trail of Lights 2019 Neighbor Night ~ Wed 12/4/19 – 7pm-9pm

Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association
Passcode = BOULDINTOL19
225 tickets

In addition to the 12/4 Neighbor Night offer, we also have 100 discount Preview Party tix available for our neighbors at $42.50 + fees.
The same access codes can be used to unlock this special offer (while supplies last) on the Night Lights purchase

Park’s Day November 2
Now that the weather is cooler (and we had that wonderful rain) it’s time to share some love with our green spaces. We’ll have a quick clean up of both Nicholas Dawson Park and the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt next Saturday, Nov 2, from 9 am to 11 am
Meeting place is the entrance to Nicholas Dawson at South First and Gibson, next to the El Mercado parking lot.

From there, we’ll spread out to several locations.
Please bring gloves and be prepared to get muddy; wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and sturdy shoes.
I’ll have coffee and some breakfast bars ready; we’ll also supply trash bags.
It’s fall – let’s celebrate and play outside!
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Hot off the press is the Oct.-Nov, Bouldin Bulletin.
The same good stuff you might have read while drinking a cup of coffee —but in digital form. HERE:

Fall / Winter 2019 Events
Affecting Bouldin Creek Neighborhood HERE


Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:

Palmer Heavy Traffic November 2019 HERE PalmerHeavyTraffic_Nov2019


Meeting Schedules:
BCNA Meeting Schedules:
BCNA General Association Meeting: 2ndTuesday, every other month
BCNA Steering Committee Meeting: 1st Monday, each month
BCNA Zoning Committee Meeting: 3rd Monday each month
Meetings at The High Road, 6:45pm 700 Dawson Road,
Unless otherwise noted.


28th Annual Creek Cleaning Party Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Bouldin Creek 28th Annual Creek Cleaning Party
In support of “It’s my Park day”
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 8:30am to 11:30am

quick follow up and thanks to all! gh


We had a wonderful turn-out yesterday for our 28th Annual Creek Cleaning. With the 106 people who signed in and a few who did not, we had a little over 110 participants..
We knew from the Austin Parks Foundation’s website that we could expect a lot of help, so the Parks Committee pre-selected locations and crew leaders and it worked out beautifully. We were able to clean out trash from both East and West Bouldin Creek and the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt, in addition to weeding beds in Nicholas Dawson Park. We have not been able to do such a thorough cleaning in a couple of years.
It was cold and damp but that did not prevent anyone form having a good time. When we were done, we enjoyed tacos donated by El Mercado; this is the 28th year they have fed our volunteers. Please be sure to thank them next time you are there.
And do go out and explore the parks and the greenbelt. Everything is budding and starting to bloom. And – there is that new species recently discovered in Nicholas Dawson Park, a tree-dwelling blue whale. I think it is the only one of its kind.

Thanks again to everyone who helped,
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Update 02-27-2019

Our 28th Annual Creek Cleaning will happen this Saturday, weather permitting. We have had record participation registrations from members of the greater Austin community, so we have closed registration at the Austin Parks Foundation site. HOWEVER, this is a neighborhood tradition and we would like to encourage you to join us and explore our creeks and greenbelts.

We will have enough people to clean both creeks and also do some maintenance (weeding, etc.) in N Dawson Park. If you are interested in the latter, please bring some gardening tools.

Here are the details:
Saturday, March 2
Meeting place: Entrance to N Dawson Park on Gibson/South First (adjacent to El Mercado parking lot)
Meeting time: 8:30 am

Please wear sturdy boots, long pants, long-sleeved shirts to guard against exposure to poison ivy. Gloves, tools and trash bags will be provide courtesy of the Austin Parks Foundation.

Thank you,
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Since 1991, neighbors and community members have met once a year to collect trash in both East and West Bouldin Creek. Together we have removed enough car parts and tires to build a small fleet of cards, carpets and appliances to furnish several homes, cans and bottles to open a convenience store and styrofoam to last quite a few lifetimes. In addition, innumerable pieces of found art made it home with their proud finders.
We’ll meet at 8:30 am at the entrance to Nicholas Dawson Park on the corner of Gibson and South First for coffee and snacks provided by neighborhood restaurants, then send teams of people to different parts of the two creeks. Around 11:30 am we meet back in N. Dawson Park for lunch, again courtesy of our business friends.
Gloves and trash bags will be provided. Please dress in long-sleeved shirts and long pants to guard against possible contact with poison ivy, and wear sturdy shoes. Be prepared to get muddy and dirty and have a very good time. Kids and dogs welcome. More info HERE:

All the News that Fits February 2019

UPCOMING Events for March and April affecting traffic in and around Bouldin Creek Neighborhood HERE

28th Annual Creek Cleaning Party
Bouldin Creek Parks clean up in conjunction with “It’s My Park Day”
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 8:30am to 11:30am                         More info HERE:

Bouldin Bulletin for February-March 2019
Hot off the press is the February-March Bouldin Bulletin.
The same good stuff you might have read while drinking a cup of coffee —but in digital form.
Thanks to John Shobe, our Publisher and Rob Clayton our web admin.,for bringing us into a new world of digital publishing – a potentially more mobile-friendly, color, version of the Bouldin Bulletin, current and archives are available HERE:

EVENTS DOWN THE HILL                                                                                    Palmer Heavy Traffic February 2019 HERE
Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:

Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Meets Feb. 9, 4:30 PM

The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (BCNPCT) will hold its annual meeting Saturday, February 9 at the High Road, 700 Dawson Rd., at 4:30 PM.  As a  bit of background:                                             -Neighborhood plan contact teams are separate from neighborhood  associations.                                                                                                                       -Their sole purview is stewardship of the neighborhood plan.                   -They operate under city-dictated bylaws, elections, meetings, notification, and reporting.                                                                                               -All BCNPCT meetings are open to the public and anyone who resides in or owns a business or property in the neighborhood plan area may participate on the contact team.

You can read more about Plan Contact Team responsibilities and processes at: http://austintexas.gov/department/neighborhood-plan-contact-teams

The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Plan has been amended several times since its 2002 adoption. Amendment requires city application and notification. No amendments are scheduled for this meeting.

The February 9 meeting agenda will include officer elections,  a review of the team bylaws, and review and vote on a couple of optional planning resources the team has traditionally not opted for: You can  read about them at:                                                                                          http://austintexas.gov/department/front-yard-parking http://austintexas.gov/department/mobile-food-establishments

BCNA Meeting Schedules:                                                                                     
BCNA General Association Meeting: 2ndTuesday, every other                  month                                                                                                                                      BCNA Steering Committee Meeting: 1st Monday, each month BCNA Zoning Committee Meeting: 3rd Monday each month                   Meetings at The High Road, 6:45pm 700 Dawson Road.                                     Unless otherwise noted.


A little Austin history from John T. Davis.

“How The 1970s Defined Austin”
A cool article about Austin.
By John T. Davis
Published: August 30, 2018 Austin Monthly

Longtime Austinites are particularly fond of their former sleepy college town’s history, and no decade represents a happier time—the happiest, some would say—than the freewheeling, youth-driven ’70s. Austin has always been a progressive city, but this decade formed the bedrock for where we are today. We explain why.

Also Austin-in-25-objects                                    http://www.austinmonthly.com/AM/September-2017/Austin-in-25-Objects/

BCNA General Association meeting

BCNA General Association meeting Tuesday February 12, 6:45 pm at The High Road on Dawson (700 Dawson Rd.)

Hello neighbors–Here is the agenda for our February Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association General Membership meeting, which will be next Tuesday February 12 at The High Road on Dawson (700 Dawson Rd.):

–6:45 to 6:55–introductions
–6:55 to 7:05–election for Green Sector representative
–7:05 to 7:20–2019 BCNA budget discussion and vote
–7:20 to 7:25–Parks Committee and Traffic, Safety, & Parking Committee update
–7:25 to 7:29–Brief discussion of new affordability land use proposal being considered by City Council
–7:29 to 7:30–Brief rant about our few, narrow public sidewalks being taken over for scooter and bike storage
–7:30 to 7:45–Presentation by Marjorie Flanigan (City of Austin) on Art in Public Places program for Ricky Guerrero Park
–7:45 to 7:55–Presentation by Buie & Co. Public Relations on office development at the corner of South Lamar and Oltorf

Hope to see you all there, thanks!–Jesse, BCNA Prez

It’s My Park Day celebration in the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt 11-03-2018

It’s My Park Day celebration in the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt


Thank you to everyone who attended the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Open House on Saturday, November 3. We had a very good turn out – about 40 people, including several Zilker residents, explored the trails, looked at the new signage and got updates on future plans to improve the Post Oak Street Trailhead.

A thanks to Matt Coldwell for our new WBCGB sign ! View HERE

Take a look for yourself: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHKo4vi

Many thanks to those of you who helped clear the trails and pick up trash before the event and especially the BCNA Parks Committee members who created and installed our temporary signage.

The trails on the greenbelt will only stay open and weed-free if they are used – so take yourselves, your kids and your (leashed, please) pets for a walk, look for wildlife & native plants and enjoy this marvelous green space in the middle of our neighborhood

If you see anything that needs attention, please e-mails parkscommittee@bouldincreek.org


Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee