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Is it Local?

Spring is here! Know your Native Plants!

Spring quickly turns to summer in these parts – and summer can be brutal. Native and adapted plants can help you get through the heat with a minimum of watering and maintenance and help your neighbors ( anoles, armadillos, bats, bees, butterflies, geckos, etc ) by providing habitat and food for our local and migrating wildlife.

The City of Austin Watershed Protection Department developed this plant guide in collaboration with local nurseries and the Travis County Ag Extension:


By purchasing native and adapted plants and being an educated consumer of these varieties you can help build a market for plants that are harder to propagate – but are more ecologically useful.

You can have your Porch, and setbacks too …

Will be interesting to see how this plays out in practice.


The idea is that a house on a corner lot can’t easily have a wrap-around porch because of lot-size limitations, so now the encroachment into the front setback (an encroachment which everyone who’s ever enjoyed a conversation on a shady porch with a neighbor can probably support) can wrap around to the side setback as well, encouraging a more “connected” style of home much like the traditional homes of yore.

Overall this seems like a good thing. But “what defines a porch?” will likely become the question. What do you think?