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All the News that Fits August 2021

Hello neighbors, a lot going on in Austin. We try to inform folks of events impacting the ‘hood. We also try and update events/happenings from our neighbors.
Missing something, let us know. Thanks

Dog Days of Summer

Technically the dog days refer to Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, which means “big dog” in Latin and is said to represent one of Orion’s hunting dogs.
Dog Days: the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star,
But for many Texans the “dog days,” evoke those summer days that are so devastatingly hot that even dogs would lie around on the asphalt, panting and hits hardest in August, but can run from June to September if real unlucky!
Just hope the carved pumpkins don’t collapse after 2 days.

Some outdoor fun!

BCNA Parks Committee update
Ingrid Weigand via
Sat, Aug 7 to BCNAForum
Creek Cleaning This Morning
10+ neighbors met this morning to do give the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt some long-overdue attention. We worked for about 2 hours and collected close to 30 bags of trash – some remnants from abandoned camps, but mainly the usual obnoxious litter that comes with rain and high water:
plastic bags, styrofoam, soda and beer cans, food containers.
Many thanks to:
Diane and son Corey
Ryan and Andy
and Isabel who comes all the way from Seattle (via College Station) to help.
And an especially big Thank You to Ronnie and Thom who got there at 7:30 am to do a temporary repair of the rock hop so we could all cross without getting our feet wet.
The greenbelt might not be absolutely clean, but it looks so much better now!
Go check it out and whenever you walk there, please bring a small trash bag along and pick up what you can.
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Greenbelt Mini-Clean Up, Saturday, Aug 7, 9 am
Thank you to everyone who responded and thanks, Ronnie, for the creek crossing reconnaissance.
Let’s meet next Saturday August 7 at 9 am at the South 6th Street entrance. Please be sure to bring gloves and do wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. You can avoid most of the poison ivy if you stay close to the creek banks or in the creek, but it is best to be prepared.
I’ll bring trash bags and we can disperse to work in small groups.
It would be good to have an approximate head count, so please let me know if you plant to attend. We can get a lot done in 60-90 minutes, before it really gets hot.
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Green Classroom History
Ingrid Weigand via Mon, Aug 9 to BCNAForum
In the early 90s, my husband, George, met Carla Marshall at a Master Compost Class offered by the City of Austin. The class was free, but everyone was asked to donate several hours of their time (2 or 4 – I forgot…) to a gardening or environmental cause. When Carla learned that George (and I) were doing videos, she asked whether he could “work off” his hours at a project she was just starting, the Green Classroom at Becker Elementary. Those couple of hours turned into a 2-year commitment and resulted in The Children’s Compost Connection, an 11 minute video that Carla used for outreach.
I just transferred it to a digital format for the Green Classroom’s archives:
It would be great to know if anyone of you who were around at that time recognizes one of the kids. I am especially eager to learn what became of our narrator, Matthew Tijerina, who was 7 at the time. He and his twin sister lived with their grandmother somewhere close to Becker.
Bill Oliver provided the music – oh, we were all so young ….
on Gibson

Covid-19-Delta Info:
We are at stage 5, y’all know what to do! Stay safe and healthy.
Austin HERE

Austin Regional Clinic info HERE

BCNA Residents
Please see the attached link regarding the planned light rail (Orange Line). This is the line that will travel North to South and South to North. We can expect a significant impact to the SoCo corridor. How this will impact the proposed (PTMD) Parking and Traffic Management District is unknown at this time. The file provides information regarding proposed stations along the Orange Line.

Orange Line Proposed Route and Stations HERE
For information regarding Project Connect and all proposed light rail lines see attached link: HERE
South Congress Parking Strategy info HERE
Thom Parker

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