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All the News that Fits March 2021

Hello neighbors, a lot going on in Austin. We try to inform folks of events impacting the ‘hood. We also try and update events/happenings from our neighbors.
Missing something, let us know. Thanks

We will not have a creek cleaning this spring, but here is an opportunity to do some cleaning on your own as you walk our green spaces..
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee
More information HERE:

A word about Snakes
Springtime in Central Texas is peak snake season!
Sneaky serpents: Texas Department of Agriculture reminds Texans to keep sharp eye out for snakes
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says that snakes start “emerging from their dens in late February or early March in Texas.”
When winter ends and the sun starts to come back out in Austin, so do the snakes.
Springtime in Central Texas is peak snake season, said local snake expert Tim Cole. Although the majority of alerts called into Cole’s Austin Reptile Service are nonvenomous, he said there is a chance Austinites might encounter a western diamondback rattlesnake or other venomous snake in their backyards this spring.
“They’ve gone the winter without eating, our daytime temperatures aren’t too hot, and for a lot of species it’s breeding season,” Cole said. “That’s why we see more in the spring than any other time of year.”
“Most of them are benefiting us by protecting homes from rodent damage,” Cole said. “And a lot of them are competing with venomous snakes for food. So if you remove a nonvenomous snake from the area, you may very well be inviting a rattlesnake or copperhead to come over.”
A post from KVUE HERE: Spring time in Texas is peak snake season

February…what a month! Weather warnings of an arctic blast coming!
February 9th chilly and gray, 10th in the 40s, 12th in the 30s, 13th in the 20s and going down! 14th, Valentine’s Day, Brrrrrrrrrrrr! An evening to snuggle up with a Valentine, a large pile of quilts or call it a 3 dog night. At 2 a.m. on president’s day, power out, water out and a week of grief coming. And some still on going. Hope everyone is faring better!

Hot off the press is the March Bouldin Bulletin.
The same good stuff you might have read while drinking a cup of coffee —but in digital form. HERE:
Thanks to John Shobe, our Publisher, Ronnie Dittmar, editor, and Rob Clayton our web admin., for bringing us into a new world of digital publishing – a potentially more mobile-friendly, color, version of the Bouldin Bulletin,
Also thanks to Sector Reps organizing the delivery volunteers and of course, thanks to the folks walking the neighborhood to deliver 2600 issues to our residents.
Note that Bulletin will be published on a quarterly basis to match General Association Meetings.

From Matt Caldwell, posted in the Bouldin Bulletin.
“ serves the ‘hood”
— M. Coldwell
During the recent freeze in February the neighborhood
list serve has proven to be a benefit in many
ways. While communication from the City was at
times vague, the BCNAForum served as a way for
neighbors to know what was really going on within
our neighborhood boundaries. Messages of help,
advice and reassurance kept many neighbors informed
during the black out and water outage. Even
more significant was the way the BCNAForum
helped connect neighbors with one another – for
water cutoff tools or other helpful resources. One
of the things that the BCNA does is pay for this
forum. It is a unique service to our hood that we
support without advertisement or fees. As a resident
in the hood you can sign up to the forum by going

Editor’s note:  Also a big Thanks and kudos to our city employees working on power and water lines and the emergency service folks all working in cold, icy conditions

More News:
CoA-The Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center is open, by appointment only
Beginning on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, the Recycle and Reuse Drop-off Center has reopened, by appointment only.

Note from CoA on catalytic convertor thefts

From the Austin Chronicle:
The annual citywide insanity becomes Couch by Couchwest
SXSW Online runs March 16-20
Also information on the May 1st election coming up, a pretty good discussion.
“Strong-Mayor” Proposal Divides Austin’s Progressives
Power to the people?
Also: “What’s on the May 1 Ballot?”

South Congress Merchants Association has agreed on continuing with CDC and Austin Public Heath guidelines to continue with masks and limited numbers in businesses.

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