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BCNA General Association Meeting 2017/08/08

BCNA General Association Meeting                          Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 6:45pm                             at the High Road,  700 Dawson Road

Talk CodeNext with Mayor Steve Adler

A successful gathering-168 folks signed in, plus ~20-40 squeezed in late, at the back and in the dinning area. Besides the Mayor we had Mayor Pro Tem/District 9 Council Member Kathie Tovo, her Senior Policy Advisor Joi Harden, along with former Council Member Laura Morrison and other ’04 neighborhood members.
The Mayor gave his talk, answered questions and was reminded:
City Mayor Steve Adler said in October 2016, “We can increase housing in our city without destroying neighborhood character, if we do it wisely.” But the first draft CodeNext blanketed Bouldin with “transect” zoning, converting single family residential properties to multi-family zoning, with up to six units on a single lot, and a variety of commercial uses.
A vigorous discussion is sure follow.

If you missed it (or if you want to relive it), you can watch the attached videos. Thanks to BCNA’s Ingrid Weigand for editing and meticulously breaking down and labeling each question or comment to make it easier to view.
As the Mayor said: stay engaged!

https://vimeo.com/229931529  01 Kathie Tovo Remarks
https://vimeo.com/229949633  02 Steve Adler Opening Remarks
https://vimeo.com/230167427  03 Q: High Rate of Demolitions
https://vimeo.com/230168478  04 CodeNext Support Comment
https://vimeo.com/230169559  05 Q: East Austin: Community                  Involvement
https://vimeo.com/230170537  06 Q: Parking, Watershed
https://vimeo.com/230171764  07 Q: Role Of Neighborhood Plans      in Code Next
https://vimeo.com/230220126  08 Q: Affordability
https://vimeo.com/230221068  09 Q: SF3 Zoning, Singling Out               Bouldin
https://vimeo.com/230352243  10 Q: Changing SF3 to New Zoning,      Singling Out Bouldin
https://vimeo.com/230353496  11 Q: Infrastructure Upgrade                     Cost,  Mobility Plan
https://vimeo.com/230354137  12 Q: Rising Cost of Housing,                   Mixed Income Housing
https://vimeo.com/230354573  13 Q: Closure of Neighborhood            Pools
https://vimeo.com/230355185   14 Q: Property Values & Taxes
https://vimeo.com/230373581   15 Q: Complexity of Building Codes
https://vimeo.com/230373792   16 Q: Protection of Watersheds
https://vimeo.com/230374096   17 Q: Cost of CodeNext
https://vimeo.com/230374178   18 Q: Commercial Encroachment        on Residential Zone
https://vimeo.com/230374476   19 Q: Neighborhood Plans as                  starting point
https://vimeo.com/230380791   20 Q: Why Density Before                           Infrastructure and Transportation?

We also had ~50-60 folks hanging out as the regular meeting started with a number leaving when the “tedium” of business started.
Approximately 40 folks stayed on for the PSW/Angel Funeral Home zoning agreement update.
35 voting-32 for, 2 against, 1 abstention.
Agreement has currently been postponed by Board of Adjustment(BoA). More info to follow.
We also need to give thanks to The High Road for hosting this gathering and Rick Gonzales for service beyond the call of duty-thanks folks!