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BCNA General Association Meeting Tuesday 12-08-2020

Hello neighbors, a lot going on in Austin. We try to inform folks of events impacting the ‘hood. We also try and update events/happenings from our neighbors.
Missing something, let us know. Thanks

BCNA General Association Meeting Tuesday December 08,2020
GA Agenda:
6:50–Election (each candidate can introduce themselves then if no contest let’s elect slate)
7:15–Update on Bouldin Forum move
7:20–Discussion of City issues, including Healthy Streets, elections including bond passing, plus I-35 expansion public comment period ends 12/12
7:25–Resolution thanking Gary Hyatt
7:30–Review and vote on 703 & 705 Fletcher request for support of variance request
Bouldin is a great place in a wonderful town. Thanks to everyone for contributing to that, including all past and future BCNA volunteers.
Safe holidays–Jesse on S. 5th, BCNA Prez 2018-20

Minutes HERE

BCNA Elections for 2020
Below please find a list of candidates for officer positions as well as their statements.
We are still looking for representative for the new Aqua Zone, by the way.
Ingrid Weigand BCNA Elections Committee

The President is the primary spokesperson of the BCNA. S/he presides at all meetings of BCNA general membership and the Executive Committee, makes appointments with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, and cosigns all checks drawn on the account of BCNA.
Candidate: Paul Strange, previously, Vice President – External Affairs
Next year will be a challenge for our community organization. We need to continue to work on making BCNA an inclusive organization that allows all residents to feel comfortable and welcome and secondly, to encourage more residents to participate in the organization and be willing to assume leadership positions.
These challenges are made more difficult by the Coronavirus. We are planning on virtual committee and general association meetings next year and have reduced our meeting schedule in accordance. General Association meetings will be quarterly instead of bi-monthly as in past years.
I believe I am qualified to address those challenges and serve as BCNA President. I have served under 3 presidents as a Zoning Committee Member and Chair, Orange Sector Representative, and VP External Affairs. Each had their own style and I benefited and learned from working with each of them.

The Vice President – Neighborhood Issues shall assist and support committees related to zoning, development, parks and traffic. S/he will preside at BCNA meetings when necessary due to the absence of the president.
Candidate: Aaron Scruggs
Bouldin has given me a sense of community I’ve never know before. From neighborhood block parties to peacocks roaming the streets, this is home.
At the core of our community is the BCNA. I want to give something back. In 2020 many of our interactions have been forced to go online. Bouldinites would benefit from having more online resources available to them. I have over 20 years of experience in technology startups and real estate. This uniquely qualifies me to strengthen our community by finding new ways of leveraging
Back-up: Nadia Barulich

The Vice President – External Affairs shall assist and support activities related to community ambassadors, neighborhood-wide social events, creek clean ups, neighborhood outreach, resource persons and serves as the Austin Neighborhood Council Representative.
Candidate: Thom Parker, previously chair of the Traffic Committee
In Austin since 1999 and Bouldin since 2012. Recently retired from the YMCA as VP Operations including facility development and renovation. Enjoys being involved with the neighborhood and looks forward to serving on the BCNA board.

Communications Director – shall assist with and support activities related to information dissemination, newsletter publication, web sites and other mass media.
Candidate: Denise Zucco
I just moved here this summer from Maryland for my husband’s job. I always volunteer when I join a new organization. This helps me get to know people and learn how things work in the association/group/board. In the past I served as secretary in 2 community associations. I have tons of other volunteer experience including lots of fundraising, party and event planning (hopefully I will get to use that skill when things open back). I have 2 kids in college and 2 dogs. My husband and I love going out to eat, listening to live music and boating.

Treasurer – shall assist and support activities related to finance, including account record keeping, fund deposit and withdrawals, and other related business management with respect to fundraising. The Treasurer shall co-sign all checks drawn on the account of BCNA; s/he will give a full report of all accounts on a monthly basis to the Executive Committee and shall keep the General Association apprised of all transactions on BCNA accounts.
Candidate: Ronnie Dittmar
I’ve been Treasurer several times in the last 15 years or so, subject to term limits. I’m one year into my current term, and hope to continue to keep the financial accounts updated, reconciled and reported to the Association. My qualifications include ~24 years of Association membership, mostly in an officer capacity, including my current role as Bulletin (newsletter) Coordinator, and Parks Committee member. I’m also a CPA, which has its own requirements for competence and ethical standards.

Secretary – shall record minutes of the General Association Meeting and the Executive Committee meetings, as well as assist and support activities related to records and agenda keeping, membership validation, and database managing.
Candidate: Matt Coldwell
It was a privilege to serve as Secretary this year and it shall be an honor to serve another.

Sector Representatives – must live in the sectors they represent.

The Green Zone:
N/S borders: Oltorf to South side of Mary
E/W borders: Railroad tracks to West side of South First
Candidate: Nick Sargologos, Incumbent; back-up: Melynda Nuss
Long time Austin resident, son of career Air Force officer who transferred to Austin in 1971. Graduate of Lanier high school, then the University of Texas Austin, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1982. Earned commission as US Navy officer in 1983, and designation as a Naval Aviator upon completing pilot training in 1984. After leaving active duty in 1989, Nick chose to pursue a career in the high tech industry, where he has worked with several leading companies, including IBM, Dell and Motorola and NXP (formerly Freescale), and holds patents in the area of high speed communication technology.”
If re-elected, Melynda Nuss, will continue to serve as a my back-up representative.

The Purple Zone:
Oltorf to South side of Mary
East side of South First to west side of S. Congress
Candidate: Paul Langley
I was born and raised in Austin and have lived in Bouldin since 2015. I’ve seen how much Austin has changed and what challenges cities face as they grow. I’m looking forward to engaging with the BCNA and our neighbors to make sure we’re informed of, involved in, and prepared for how our city is changing. Austin’s inevitable growth should be a benefit for us all, but that isn’t guaranteed. I want to help preserve the best parts of Austin while we make room to welcome future Austinites.

The Blue Zone
North side of Mary to south side of Monroe
Railroad tracks to west side of South First
Candidate: Rebecca Harrell, Incumbent
I moved to Austin in 2005 and have lived in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood since 2014. I love living in an area with so many great restaurants and entertainment in walking distance. Professionally, I am an Art Educator and Visual Artist which gives me an extra appreciation for the murals, artists and creative spaces in the neighborhood. I would like to see Bouldin Creek stay as safe and walkable as possible for residents and to support neighborhood businesses during this challenging time. I have been acting as the sector representative this fall, learning the ropes. I am excited to get even more involved with the BCNA and continue representing the Blue Zone.

The Yellow Zone
North side of Mary to South side of Deaf School/South of Nellie
West side of South First to West side of S. Congress
Candidate: Jeff Seiden, Incumbent; back-up: Jody Zemel
I’m Jeff Seiden. I would like to be your BCNA Yellow Zone representative. I have volunteered with BCNA for 6 years as Zone Rep and Treasurer. I participate on the Zoning Committee and have an interest in Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility, Traffic, Parking and Safety issues facing Bouldin’s Yellow Zone residents.
As zone rep I will work to balance Bouldin’s historical neighborhood feel with the numerous changes in our area. I’ve been an Austin resident for over 23 years and moved to Eva Street in the SoCo area of Bouldin 10 years ago.
On occasions that I am traveling away from the Austin area, I will be assisted in the Yellow Zone rep role by Jody Zemel. Jody has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years and has over 15 years of experience in both BCNA and CoA neighborhood, development, and planning.

The Pink Zone
Monroe to Gibson between Railroad tracks to South First
Gibson to Christopher between South 5th & South First
Candidate: Scottee Downing, Incumbent
I’ve never been more grateful for my home than I have been this year! I’m a California transplant (refugee?), and have been so happy with my decision to move to Austin. With every addition to our growing family, we have become more deeply embedded in the community and I strongly hold the belief that we can find harmony between preservation and progress. While our neighborhood and city are rapidly changing, I am committed to staying educated on internal and external factors that will affect our homes and families.
Back-up: Stephanie Scholten, formerly Brown Zone rep
Three years as Brown Sector rep, moving on to Pink!

The Orange Zone
North side of Columbus to Barton Springs Road
Railroad Tracks and west side of Bouldin Creek
Candidate: Ross Wilson
I’m a long time Austinite and 10 year Bouldin Creek resident, with my wife and 2 children, and I look forward to potentially playing a more active role in the BCNA. I’m a firm believer that community involvement and good people create great neighborhoods like Bouldin Creek.

The Brown Zone
Copeland to Barton Springs Road
East Side of Bouldin Creek to west side of South First
Candidate: Cameron Zuniga
I am very excited for the opportunity to run as the Brown Sector Representative. It would be an honor to keep my section’s residents informed about events, as well as to help remedy any issues they may have. We live in a wonderful neighborhood, and I hope to make each resident’s time here as safe and pleasurable as possible.

The (NEW!) Aqua Zone
Southside of Deaf School to Lady Bird Lake
West side of South First to East Side of South Congress
Candidate: NEEDED

BCNA Meeting Schedules:
Note: All meetings subject to change during current health regulations.
Currently meetings are arranged via Zoom meetings.
More information as available.
BCNA General Association Meeting:
2ndTuesday, every other month
BCNA Steering Committee Meeting:
1st Monday, each month
BCNA Zoning Committee Meeting:
3rd Monday each month
Meetings at 6:45pm
The High Road, 700 Dawson Road-when back to normal?