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All the News that Fits November 2021

Hello neighbors, a lot going on in Austin. We try to inform folks of events impacting the ‘hood. We also try and update events/happenings from our neighbors.
Missing something, let us know. Thanks
Here’s to enjoying the company of good friends and family. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

BCNA General Association meeting is Tuesday December 14th
The meeting will include the annual officer elections. More information and agenda coming soon.

Ingrid Weigand via to BCNAForum
BCNA Elections – Sector Rep Candidates Needed
We will hold officer elections on December 14. At this point we have candidates for all positions except Sector Representatives for the following Zones:
N/S borders: Oltorf to south side of Mary
E/W borders: Railroad tracks to west side of South First
Oltorf to south side of Mary
East side of South First to west side of S. Congress
Southside of Deaf School to Lady Bird Lake
West side of South First to East Side of South Congress
If you live in one of these zones, please consider running for that position.
We will publish a list of all candidates in our next newsletter, with a short statement from each person.
The deadline for those statements is Wed, Nov 15.
(Of course, you can still decide to run at a alter date, up to the meeting itself)
The most fundamental responsibility of the Sector Representative is to be engaged as a representative of the area in which you reside. The bylaws are not specific as to what that level or kind of representation that is. As a matter of past practice, sector reps have helped coordinate the distribution of newsletters in their zone, they have contributed articles of news or information about their sector and they have provided detailed information to the steering committee about matters in their zone.
The minimum requirements are that you reside in the sector you represent, are a registered voting member of the BCNA and that you attend the regular meetings of the Steering Committee.
BCNA bylaws also have a clause that allows a sector rep to designate one other voting member residing in that sector to be a co-sector rep. This means that there is still only one vote from that sector but if the sector rep cannot make a meeting, the co-sector rep can stand in.
So to sum up the explanation of the sector rep. it is to be engaged as a steering comm member, volunteer where you can and represent as best as you can the residents in your zone.
Thank you,
The Elections Committee
Matt Coldwell
Paul Strange
Ingrid Weigand

Note on Membership.
To vote, pledge a candidacy or pay the $25
optional dues, please send your name, address,
phone, and email to:
Ronnie Dittmar or
BCNA Treasurer
PO Box 3683
Austin, TX 78764-3683.
More information HERE

A Note about the Association
ARTICLE I: General Provisions Section 2. Purpose
The purpose of BCNA is to seek to preserve and improve the quality of life in the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood (the “Neighborhood”) and to provide support in matters of Neighborhood concern. The BCNA supports diversity and shall neither pursue nor support racist or discriminatory policies or actions against any resident member or any person or group at large.

Note that BCNA is an all volunteer organization and always looking for new faces and volunteers.
Here is an example of what these folks work on:
BCNA Steering Committee
November 1, Agenda

6:45- Meeting Call to Order
6:50- Vote on October 4 SC Minutes;
Vote tabulation for adding BCNA’s name to the Zilker Park Rewilding Report.
6:55- Vote on Zoning Committee Chair
7:00- Communications Discussion
•Annual Printed Bulletin
•Mission Statement
•Business Referrals
7:15- Parks update (Ingrid)
7:20- 2022 BCNA Candidates Update (Election Committee)
7:30- Copeland Properties Update (Zoning Committee)
7:45- Parking and Transportation Management District Update (Thom)
8:00- December Meetings Venue
8:05- Other business
8:10- Meeting Adjourns

Bouldin Bulletin
Also in process is discussion of value and efforts required to distribute the Bouldin Bulletin.
Email to forum from Denise Zucco
Communications Director and Bulletin Editor

You have spoken, the Steering Committee has listened. Having a physical copy of the BCNA bulletin seems to be important to many people. However, we need more than opinions on this topic. We need help in three different ways to make this happen.
The Steering Committee has voted to mail the December 2021 bulletin to all 3500+ residents through the USPS. Mailing through the USPS will ensure delivery to condos, apartments and other locations that are not accessible to outside foot traffic. It also alleviates the problem of not having enough sector delivery people. Mailing it also comes with a price tag that almost quadruples the price.
If you want us to continue mailing and/or hand delivering the bulletin every quarter, we need your help.
• We need more delivery people. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Matt Coldwell Matt is our Secretary AND he coordinates the Bulletin delivery among all of the sector reps.
• We need members to pay the voluntary $25 annual membership fee to help defer the increased expense. Of our 3500+ residents we had 36 people pay the membership fee ;( Here is a link to quick and easily pay via PayPal
• We need articles and content for the Bulletin. Suggested content can me emailed to me directly at All submissions must be made by Thursday, November 18th to be considered for the December bulletin. What to submit? We have a huge community so help spread the news of what is happening in your part of the hood. What is important to you that you think others would be interested in too?
Your help and participation will help the Steering Committee in determining the future of the bulletin. Thank you in advance for your help!
Denise Zucco
West Annie St.
Communications Director and Bulletin Editor

Parks Updates:
Ingrid Weigand via to BCNAForum
Five neighbors met yesterday at the South 6th Street entrance to the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt to widen trails and pick up trash. Thank you, Cheryl, Christine, Matt and Ronnie!
Biggest prize of the day: a large-screen TV.
Several people indicated that Saturdays are not good days for them, so the next (and last for this month) volunteer opportunity will be this coming SUNDAY, Nov 14, 9 am to 11 am at Nicholas Dawson Park.
Stay tuned for an announcement of a larger event in December.
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

About BCNAForum
One of the things that the BCNA does is pay for
a moderated, electronic discussion forum that
provides both email or digest web view for
residents. It is a unique service to our hood that
the organization supports without
advertisement or fees. It helps connect
neighbors with a broad variety of topics and
themes. Urgent and vital information can be
shared in times of need as well as helpful hints
to just get along.
As a resident in the ‘hood you can sign up to the
forum by going to:

Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:

Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association
Meeting Schedules:
Meetings may resume at The High Road on Dawson.
Dependent on local Covid stage.
More information as available.
General Association:
2nd Tuesday every 3rd month, 6:45 pm on Zoom
2021 Dates: March 9, June 8, September
14, December 14.
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