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CodeNext Information

We will try to keep CodeNEXT information here as it becomes  available. 

                                                                                                  CodeNext informational meeting presented by South River City Citizens (SRCC)  Monday, May 22 , 7:15 at Life in the City United Methodist Church,  205 E. Monroe.


  1.  7:15 Meeting procedures, etiquette. Gretchen Otto, SRCC President, Chair
  2. 7:25 Overview of CodeNEXT, definitions of terms  Presenter: Jerry Rusthoven, Assistant Director, City of Austin Planning &  Zoning Dept.  | jerry.rusthoven@austintexas.gov
  3. 7:40 Update on the work of the SRCC ad-hoc CodeNEXT committee Presenter: Tom Fitzpatrick, Committee Chair  fitz@prismnet.com
  4. 7:50 Perspective on the new code from Code Advisory Group (CAG) member and Planning Commissioner Nuria Zaragoza, D9 rep on the CAG and Planning Com bc-nuria.zaragoza@austintexas.gov
  5. 8:00 Affordability and the new code Presenter: Mandy De Mayo, Executive Director, HousingWorks Austin    mandy@housingworksaustin.org
  6. 8:10 Historic Preservation and the new code Presenter: Kate Singleton, Executive Director, Preservation Austin director@preservationaustin.org
  7. 8:20 Discussion, comments, Q&A
  8. 8:50 Next steps


Kudos and huge thanks to SRCC President Gretchen Otto for putting this  together.


CodeNEXT Draft Comments to Date

Submitted by Susan Moffat, CAG Appointee May 2, 2017

Read more here:


Maps and Documents:





BCNA CodeNext flier

City of Austin CodeNEXT Multi-Family,
High-Density Zoning Targets Bouldin

CodeNEXT flier is linked here with current mappings.
How this all plays out will  be decided with your help.
Hopefully this is just a first draft.

 Change in Property Values
 Change in Neighborhood Character
 Increased Density (and related issues
of: noise, traffic, street parking,
pedestrian safety, infrastructure costs)
link here:

Of importance:                                                                                                                  Attend CodeNEXT Zone Mapping Open House
City Council District 9 (CM Kathie Tovo)
When:  Saturday, June 3rd, 10:00 am – Noon
Where: Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd St.

More info at http://www.communitynotcommodity.com/

You can have your Porch, and setbacks too …

Will be interesting to see how this plays out in practice.


The idea is that a house on a corner lot can’t easily have a wrap-around porch because of lot-size limitations, so now the encroachment into the front setback (an encroachment which everyone who’s ever enjoyed a conversation on a shady porch with a neighbor can probably support) can wrap around to the side setback as well, encouraging a more “connected” style of home much like the traditional homes of yore.

Overall this seems like a good thing. But “what defines a porch?” will likely become the question. What do you think?

Oak Creek Village – Zoning Case Summary

*This blog contains information that has appeared in earlier blog posts on this website.  

In January 2013, myself and Chad Kimbell, BCNA Zoning Chair, met with the attorney  (John Donisi) and the affordable housing consultant (Sarah Andre) representing the owner of Oak Creek Village, Rene Campos.   John and Sarah presented the preliminary plans to redevelop 2324 Wilson Street.  The property had housed 170 Section 8 affordable housing units since the early 1970s and, under their existing zoning, they could build up to (approximately) 325 units.  We were told Mr. Campos wanted to develop the site into a mixed income property, with 173 affordable housing units and 470 market rate units, for a total of 580 units.   Chad and I stated, during this meeting, that the proposed increase in density, more than 3 times the current density, was unacceptable to BCNA and we would not support their zoning application.

As the days and months ticked away, Oak Creek Village did not reduce their proposed density yet the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) wanted to hear from BCNA in regard to a potential $18 million tax credit for Mr. Campos.   TDHCA gives out tax credit incentives for developers to build affordable housing properties and, in our case, BCNA was asked if the plans for Oak Creek Village “met the needs of the community.”

BCNA held several public meetings and we determined that redeveloping the affordable housing units at Oak Creek Village met the needs of current Oak Creek Village tenants and aligned with Bouldin Creek’s Neighborhood Plan.   However, BCNA remained concerned about the increase in density, as well as the height of the buildings, vehicle access and pedestrian safety and we communicated these concerns to Mr. Campos’ team, along with other development requests to consider.

On June 28, 2013, Mr. Campos and BCNA reached an agreement that reduced the total unit density of the property and included other negotiated terms.   Below is a summary of the negotiated terms and how the term is legally binding.   Even though BCNA accepted these terms, we did not ‘Support’ the zoning application for Oak Creek Village.   Instead, BCNA Steering Committee voted to remain “Not Opposed” to their zoning application.

Private Restrictive Covenant between BCNA and 2007 Travis Heights LLP (Rene Campos):

  1. 173 Affordable Housing units are guaranteed to remain in place for 35 years 
  2. $30,000 of funding to be utilized by BCNA for traffic calming or sidewalk improvements within reasonable proximity of the 2324 Wilson Street
  3. 1500 square feet of Community Room space will be made available for use by BCNA for 35 years
  4. Property will comply with the outdoor and exterior lighting standards the City of Westlake Hills
  5. Parking and vehicular access to Wilson Street is limited to a single driveway serving a 36-space surface parking lot.
  6. BCNA shall be a stakeholder and included in discussions regarding on-site security security
  7. BCNA shall be a stakeholder and included in discussions regarding on-site property management, youth programming and senior programming, consistent with the terms executed between the Oak Creek Village Tenants Association and Rene Campos.

City of Austin Conditional Overlay for 2324 Wilson Street:

  1. Maximum number of units, 486
  2. Maximum building height, 60′
  3. Vehicular access to the property’s internal driveways will be from Oltorf and S. 1st Streets

Once the Private Restrictive Covenant is recorded with Travis County, BCNA will post the original to the website.