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Meta, Tech, Usability — how can this whole thing work better (if at all)

If you can write, you can help! Blog for the BCNA website!

Our tenacious website is looking for writers to help distribute information related to the area and keep our readers informed. This can be announcements on events, restaurants/commercial, volunteer opportunities or whatever.

We provide training (it’s like writing an email) and can work with you how to add media, link to content, and create some cool content. Email Gary Hyatt or for more info on how to get involved…

Change in Appearance

bouldincreek.org is not having an identity crisis!

We had to change the theme to work out some issues related to the City of Austin firewall caching of the old site for certain people.  Frankly … not sure how important it is for City of Austin employees to access this site — but now it’s become a thing to solve. Nothing to be alarmed about.

We will be rethinking the functionality of the site to ensure that the relevant information you need is available here; if you have opinions about that … please contact The Communications Director (communications@bouldincreek.org) or use any of the appropriate channels (bouldin forum, meetings, etc)