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All the News that Fits 2017

Parkland Events Task Force update                                                                From Thom Parker-Traffic, Safety and Parking Committee                      (Updated in Bouldin Bulletin August 2017edition)


Draft Event Parking Program  More here
Bouldin Bulletin for August-September 2017

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Bouldin Bulletin is available  HERE
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Mayor Adler to Address BCNA on CodeNEXT at August Meeting and Presidents Message on CodeNEXT                                                             Update on Parkland Events Taskforce (PETF) from Thom Parker

————–<>————-                                                                                                   Meeting Schedules, agendas and minutes at blog post below.


Palmer Heavy Traffic August 2017 here
Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:



Special Events RPP Proposal Info-2017-05-12.

BCNA Special Event Parking Proposal 2017-05-12

Affected Neighborhoods Plan

While still in its formative stage, this program is intended to replace the existing barricade system. The objective of Special Event RPP, like the barricades, is to prevent over parking in the neighborhood during special events. It has the additional benefit of keeping Dawson and Bouldin open to all traffic and will be extended to Mary Street which helps address the over parking that was occurring South of the barricades on Gibson Street.

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Mopac Attack Clogs Bouldin Arteries

Traffic woes due to Mopac expansion have pushed traffic onto Bouldin’s through streets making just getting out of your own block challenging.

Despite the promise of expanded road spending being the solution to our travel woes, transportation modellers predict that it is only this sort of choking traffic that precipitates changes in commuter behavior.

Has the gridlock changed your pattern? Were cars backed up on your street? Did you witness rude driving or excessive speed? How do you feel about having a line of cars stacked out front?

What needs to change what can we do about it?

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