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Speed through, clog up, raise the hackles or make you feel free as a bird.

All the News that Fits March 2018

Upcoming events that will impact traffic and roads in the Bouldin Creek Neighborhoods-map here.

Hot off the press is the February Bouldin Bulletin

The same good stuff you might have read while drinking a cup of coffee —but in digital form, a potentially more mobile-friendly, color, version of the Bouldin Bulletin. Available on the adobe cloud with links to our advertisers. Available  HERE 

Bouldin Bulletin is also archived on our server-HERE


Palmer Heavy Traffic March 2018  HERE


Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:

LONG CENTER  http://thelongcenter.org/events/

PALMER AUDITORIUM  https://www.palmereventscenter.com/calendar/2018/02/



Bouldin Bulletin for December-January 2017                                           Bouldin Bulletin on adobe cloud is available HERE                              Bulletin is also archived on our server HERE                                                      Headlines: Warren Wildlife Gallery, CodeNEXT, PSW agreement, Parks updates and more!

Older Bulletin Issues Here:                                                                          Bouldin Bulletin for August-September2017                               Bulletin on Adobe Cloud is available   HERE                                      Bulletin is also archived on our server HERE

Mopac Attack Clogs Bouldin Arteries

Traffic woes due to Mopac expansion have pushed traffic onto Bouldin’s through streets making just getting out of your own block challenging.

Despite the promise of expanded road spending being the solution to our travel woes, transportation modellers predict that it is only this sort of choking traffic that precipitates changes in commuter behavior.

Has the gridlock changed your pattern? Were cars backed up on your street? Did you witness rude driving or excessive speed? How do you feel about having a line of cars stacked out front?

What needs to change what can we do about it?

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