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Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee Meeting- Minutes
January 9, 2013 (Cyndi Collen’s home)  – Quorum present

In Attendance:
Cyndi Collen         Laura Raun        Ellen Gibbs        Vicki Knipp
Chad Kimbell        Stuart Hampton    Kevin Lewis        Suzy Harriman
Brandon Wilde     Paula Kothman    Ingrid Weigand    Cory Walton

Quorum was present as 8 of 9 officers elected in December were present.

Nominations / Appointment and Officer Roles
Chad nominates the following candidates for appointments to be ratified by the GA in February, 2013:  Brandon Wilde for Secretary, Paula Kothman for Yellow Zone Rep and Suzy Harriman for Lavender Zone Rep.  Vicki seconds.  Vote is unanimous, Yes.
Stuart nominates Chad Kimbell for Zoning Committee Chair, Cory seconds. Vote is unanimous, Yes.
Cyndi nominates Ingrid Weigand for Parks Committee Chair, Ellen seconds.  Vote is unanimous, Yes.
Reviewed roles of sector reps and Secretary for new officers

Wilson Street apartments — Cyndi & Chad
Reviewed details proposed by the team representing Eureka Holdings for 2324 Wilson Street.  Discussed details of the up-zoning from MF3 to MF6 they are requesting and what the impact would be on the neighborhood and within the guidelines of the Neighborhood Plan.
Motion from Cory:  BCNA takes no position at this time because the process for zoning change has not begun nor have we received enough critical information on both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project.  We look forward in continuing with to work with property owner’s  team and we are very interested in the opinions of the impacted neighbors.  Chad seconds the motion.  Vote is unanimous, Yes.
Lavender Zone sector rep, with the assistance of Laura (Communications) will be responsible to cascade the information to the residents of the Lavender Zone and to BCNA web-site and elist.

Zoning Update — Chad
500 S. 3rd Street has filed a vacation of a public restrictive covenant.  A private covenant has been requested by the immediate neighbors and drawn up by the owner’s attorney to add some protection if the public restrictive covenant is granted vacation by the City. This Private Restrictive Covenant needs to be reviewed and voted upon. SC had a question regarding why a conditional overlay is not being used.  Next steps for Chad to take is to determine the appropriate process in accordance with BCNA By-Laws.

Parks Update —  Ingrid
Ingrid Weigand —  had a meeting with PARD to review the proposed design of the WBGB entrance.  Lengthy process with PARD to get funds released, funds left is around $54,000.  This is informational and no vote for the SC at this time.  Parks cleanup is January 19th.

– Last Friday Happy Hour to meet and socialize with neighbors will be held at El Mercado, January 25th.
– Discussed other ways to engage with neighbors
– Next SC meeting will be Monday evening, February 4th.  Suzy will look into location, possibly St. Igancious Church.