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Marathon 2016 – Breezed through on Valentines Day Morning

The Marathon has come and gone.

In the past neighbors in our ‘hood had complaints about sound and access … and largely through the effort of concerned individuals and the BCNA dealing directly with city staff and event producers, many of these inconveniences have been ameliorated and the event still makes its annual trek through our local streets.

The long-time organizers of the Austin Marathon have passed the baton to a new crew and as such next year some things we’ve taken for granted in the past as having been handled may rise again as issues to manage through patient, calm persistence.

Did you watch? Did you or someone you know participate? Was it terribly inconvenient? Do you think the event is net positive? Good for business and health? Something else?

Let’s try to get the (constructive) comments flowing …

Judge sides with South Congress Cafe on illegal deck

SoCo Cafe DeckThe Statesman has published this article on the latest decision regarding the least-used deck in the city, but we’re leaving the comments section open.

“Trudy’s argued that the city sometimes allows landowners who have built improvements without the required approvals and permits to obtain them retroactively, and that it entered into what amounted to a legal obligation allowing Trudy’s to do so. Cafe owners contended that the city illegally reversed itself after hearing from angry neighborhood residents.”

Neighbors, tell us how you really feel.