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Of and related to concerns about parking (too few spaces, too many cars) or appropriate apportioning of available parking for various interest groups.

February General Association Meeting Minutes


General Association Meeting   – Minutes

Feb 21, 2012 — Elks Lodge

SC Members In Attendance:   Stuart Hampton, Ingrid Weigand, Ben Bishop, Cyndi Collen, Cassidy Neal, Gary Hyatt, Brad Peterson, Bill Ley, Vandy Hendrickson, Ronnie Ditmar

I.  Introductions

Cassidy- went over gen meeting and steering committee standard schedule

Introduced pct 4 Constable Maria Conchola (lives in travis hgts) and Deputies Flores and Bound.

II. Constable Precinct 4 Report

Maria: Kevin Lewis asked the constable to patrol due to increased break-ins. Needed a presence. Started patrolling Travis Heights first. Now patrolling Bouldin since August. Patrols in a stealth car. Not here to write tickets. Role to be a presence. Asked for input on what role we’d like them to have. Can communicate with APD. In General, constable’s role is civil process…not crime fighters. They serve the court. Suggested adding them to the list serve. Coordinates with Robert Barbosa of APD. Works school zones. Call 911 in case of emergency. Don Bound called themselves the “Mayberry police force”.

III. Bouldin Creek Plan Contact Team Report

Stuart Hampton_ informed us on the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Plan contact team report. Residents and biz are stakeholders. 2002 comprehensive neighborhood plan came from this team. Annual meeting. 411 Monroe 7-8 on 2/23. Will email to listserv.

IV.  Ernest Pedraza

Officer Ernest Pedraza introduced himself. Ret APD. Running for constable against Maria Conchola. 29th of May possible election.

V.  Parks Report

Jody Zemel report- brush gone. Watershed took it thankfully. Nicolas Dawson park cleanup recap

VI. South Congress Advisory Group: Parking Issues Survey Preliminary Results

Working group involves various stakeholders: City depts, neighborhood, businesss. Survey sent list serve 70 and hard copy 29 (all yellow).

Elec- yellow and rest. 84% had weekend issues more so. 75% more on street parking

RPP results: various comments. 66 answered. 80% no RPP today. Parking meters Soco 49% disagreed. 33% agreed. Meters in residential neighborhood: 64% not agree

RPP one side: 29 for, 47 disagreed

RPP blanket (1 and 1) 27 agreed, 46 dis

Leave alone. 46% agreed

Soco empl: no

Lease parking for employees 63% yes

Request enforcement. Overwhelming yes

Cassidy to summarize at later date.

Yellow zone hard copy results:

Brandon from S Congress merchants and Big Top candy reports 24/7 RPP is going away. City is moving towards doing their own move. Trying to work with neighborhood to create a compromise that works so city doesn’t dictate. Cassidy has stated this has stalled out. No real answers. Jody- city told to find solution. Council wants a resolution. Nothing yet. So becoming likely the city will make one. FAQ needed to provide more history of ideas that have been vetted and information to help inform current proposals

VII. Other News

Monday meeting south shore district. Dougherty arts and other areas. Jody post on listserv.

Livable city-imagine Austin. Kevin Lewis to post