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A park issue … not a metaphor

Texasinvasives.org recognizes efforts of The Friends of West Bouldin Greenbelt with “Citizen Scientists of the Month”

Texasinvasives.org (fifth item) in their December newsletter recognized the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association and The Friends of West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt as Citizen Scientists of the Month for their persistence and coordinated volunteerism.

The groups’ efforts have been employed in an effective program to suppress a heavy infestation of ligustrum, nandina, catclaw vine and the like for the past five years. The efforts of this group along with many other scientist, naturalists and governmental agencies have led to the creation of Texasinvasives.org as awareness of the effects of invasive species has grown along with an understanding of the true costs of these problematic plants.

TexasInvasisives.org is a Statewide organization dedicated to raising awareness and sharing techniques and data related to stopping the spread of invasive species, thereby allowing native plants to survive, ensuring the food supply for wildlife and niche space for a more diverse and resilient plant community.

Join Ingrid and the gang down at the S 6th Street entrance to the greenbelt this coming Saturday Morning 1/11/2014 between 8:30 and noon to join in the patient digging, seeding and cammaraderie! Even an hour or two helps!