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BCNA GA Meeting — Tuesday, June 11th, 6:45pm at the Elks Lodge

Quick reminder that our bi-monthly GA Meeting will be taking place tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 11th at the  Elks Lodge, 700 Dawson Road, beginning at 6:45pm.   Remember to sign in as a guest of Ronnie Dittmar and come early to grab a reasonably adult beverage at the bar.

Below is the Agenda.   We are leading off with a presentation from Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) about the Auditorium Shores Improvement Project so be sure you get there in time to get settled.   I’ll be in class tomorrow night but our neighborhood Triathalete and VP of Neighborhood Issues, Kevin Lewis, will be presiding over the meeting.


~ Cyndi Collen, BCNA Prez

BCNA GA AGENDA —  June 11, 2013

6:45pm       Introduction of attendees

7:00pm       Auditorium Shores Improvement Project and Q&A  (Jason Mauer, PARD)

7:20pm     Special Events Meetings — Summary and Q&A  (Kevin or Cory)

7:30pm        Troy Madres, Restoration of “Greetings from Austin” mural

7:40pm        Oak Creek Village Update (Kevin)  — includes motion from Linda Yost

8:15pm    Open Mike

8:30pm     Adjourn

Next General Assembly (GA) Meeting and Officer Elections: Tuesday, December 11th

BCNA General Assembly Meeting and Elections

Tuesday, December 11, 2012  *   6:45pm

Elks Lodge * 700 Dawson Road

The bells of democracy are still ringing in Bouldin Creek as our annual officer elections are set for December 11th.   No photo ID required !  Just send an email to our Treasurer Ronnie Ditmar — rdittmar@gmail.com  — BEFORE December 1st to register to vote.  Even if you have registered in the past, please send the email again as our by-laws require yearly renewal.

If you are registered, please consider raising your hand to volunteer for a position.  Its only a few hours a month and we are a respectful group looking for new voices and perspectives.

A full list of positions, their general duties, and a list of current candidates will be posted shortly.

Also on the Agenda for our next meeting will be guest speaker presentations about a new apartment development at Wilson Street and W. Live Oak coming in early 2013 and Austin’s New Year at Auditorium Shores.  We will also have a discussion about how to appeal property appraised values.  Full agenda and times wille posted within a few days of December 11th.

Please let us know if you have any other topics you’d like to discuss!