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All the News that Fits-September 2018

Upcoming Events, Traffic and Information

BCNA Special Events Information-2018 HERE

Upcoming Events in BCNA and ZNA-2018 HERE

A little Austin history from John T. Davis.

“How The 1970s Defined Austin”
A cool article about Austin.
By John T. Davis
Published: August 30, 2018 Austin Monthly

Longtime Austinites are particularly fond of their former sleepy college town’s history, and no decade represents a happier time—the happiest, some would say—than the freewheeling, youth-driven ’70s. Austin has always been a progressive city, but this decade formed the bedrock for where we are today. We explain why.

Also Austin-in-25-objects                                    http://www.austinmonthly.com/AM/September-2017/Austin-in-25-Objects/


The Bouldin Bulletin is now archived HERE, thanks to Rob Clayton for his time and scripts! http://www.bouldincreek.org/association/bulletin/

                                 City of Austin News
Cesar Chavez pedestrian-protection barriers.
The city will be installing permanent pedestrian-protection barriers on the north side of the hike and bike trail by Cesar Chavez where it passes under Lamar on the north side of the lake. The installation starts Mon. Sept. 10, and is supposed to be finished by Sept.. 24. During construction the trail will be closed and users will be rerouted across Cesar Chavez to the Lance Armstrong Bikeway to pass under Lamar. There may be some daytime closures of an eastbound lane of Cesar Chavez.

The City of Austin has called a bond election for Tuesday, November 6, 2018.                                                                                                            Voters will consider seven bond propositions on a variety of projects and programs, as well as City of Austin council member elections, two proposed amendments to the City Charter, and two proposed citizen-initiated City ordinances. You can view the 2018 Bond Brochure Booklet here. http://www.austintexas.gov/2018bond

City Council Candidate Forums
The City of Austin, in partnership with the City’s Ethics Review Commission and the League of Women Voters – Austin Area, will conduct a series of City Council Candidate Forums for the November 2018 Municipal election. Five Council districts and the Mayor will be up for election November 6, 2018.
Forums will consist of brief opening and closing statements from candidates and questions from the League of Women Voters moderator.  candidate forum link http://austintexas.gov/department/10-one

Information HERE http://www.austintexas.gov/news/city-manager-invites-community-feedback-executive-recruitments

                                  Local News
Palmer Heavy Traffic September 2018 HERE
http://www.bouldincreek.org/wp-content/uploads/ PalmerHeavyTraffic_Sept2018.pdf

Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:

Meeting Schedules:
BCNA Meeting Schedules:
BCNA General Association Meeting: 2ndTuesday, every other month
BCNA Steering Committee Meeting:1st Monday, each month
BCNA Zoning Committee Meeting: 3rd Monday each month
Meetings at The High Road, 6:45pm 700 Dawson Road,
Unless otherwise noted.

Austin Energy Regional Science Festival 2018

Austin Science Festival Theme

Hello neighbors,
This past February I had the opportunity to volunteer for the first
time at the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival. I worked the
floor and in the process met a number  of students and was able to check out the displays. From the simple to the complex, a cool display of creativity, hard work and intelligence!
I remember two young ladies in particular, both Junior Level/middle school.
One had her project board of documentation of objectives, and results a nd a display of plants. Her project was to grow plants upside down withvarious nutrients and water. Fairly simple project but her goal was to use this as her first step to testing in zero gravity……desiring to become an astronaut!

The second was just a project board of documentation of objectives and results. Objective was to develop better algorithms for checksums.
Hmmmm, I understand the basics but definitely above my pay grade!

What a great bunch of kids and I definitely got out of the Festival as
much as they did.

You can view the 2018 video at http://www.sciencefest.org (click through the banners on the home page) and this fall, if interested, you can get information on general volunteering and judging by contacting Ingrid Weigand at ingrid.weigand@austinscience.org.
Stay posted for future information for the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival  February 20-23, 2019.

Cheers, Gary Hyatt

P.S. more information below
News coverage

Austin Energy Regional Science Festival
The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival is one of Texas’ largest
regional science fairs with almost 3,000 students from 3rd through 12th grade. It encourages and rewards innovative student research and provides scientists, engineers and other professionals a chance to volunteer in the community.
The 2018 video has been posted. You can view it at www.sciencefest.org
(click through the banners on the home page)

Austin Science Education Foundation
The Austin Science Education Foundation (ASEF) was established in 2013 to support the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival (AERSF).
AERSF serves 3rd – 12th grade students from 11 Central Texas counties and 23 school districts, as well as private, home and charter schools.
ASEF will promote student’s knowledge of and involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by enabling participation in the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival and supporting students selected to advance to the Texas Science and Engineering Fair and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.