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You can have your Porch, and setbacks too …

Will be interesting to see how this plays out in practice.


The idea is that a house on a corner lot can’t easily have a wrap-around porch because of lot-size limitations, so now the encroachment into the front setback (an encroachment which everyone who’s ever enjoyed a conversation on a shady porch with a neighbor can probably support) can wrap around to the side setback as well, encouraging a more “connected” style of home much like the traditional homes of yore.

Overall this seems like a good thing. But “what defines a porch?” will likely become the question. What do you think?

Steering Committee to Vote on Oak Creek Village Proposal

Yesterday, about 40 Bouldin Creek residents attended a forum held at St. Ignatius Church where they voiced their support, concern and questions regarding the proposed development of 2324 Wilson Street (Oak Creek Village Apartments).  Eureka Holdings, the property owner of Oak Creek Village since 2007, was represented by Austin-based Sarah Andre (affordable housing consultant), John Donisi (attorney for pending zoning application), and the architect (can’t remember his name — sorry).   Eureka Holdings is based in Dallas and Jimmy Arnold, the current property manager and Mark Rogers, Eureka’s project consultant, made the 200 mile trek to Austin.

Austin City Council Members Laura Morrison and Kathie Tovo were present, as was Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole’s policy aide Greg Anderson, to hear the viewpoint of Bouldin residents as Council will be deciding the property’s up-zone application sometime in the next few months.

The intent of the forum was to garner resident’s feedback regarding the proposed development to rebuild 173 Section 8 afffordable housing units plus an additional 408 market-rate units.  There was immense support to rebuild the Section 8 units; however, a majority of the attendees were adamant in their opposition to the proposed total density of 581 units.  The BCNA Steering Committee will be voting this week on whether to support Eureka Holdings’ proposal, as requested by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA).  Eureka has to submit their TDHCA application for $2 million dollars in annual tax credits by March 1st and that is our deadline as well.   The letter will state our position on whether we believe the proposed project “meets the community’s needs.”

2324 Wilson street is located within the Lavender Zone of the Bouldin Creek neighborhood and the meeting could not have happened without the extraordinary efforts of Suzie Harriman, BCNA’s new Lavender Zone representative.   Suzie coordinated the meeting with St. Ignatius Church and lead the endeavor to distribute over 400 flyers to Lavender Zone residents.  She also went door-to-door, with Paula Kothman (our Yellow Zone rep) at the Oak Creek Village complex delivering flyers and encouraging residents to come to the meeting.

The specifics of the proposal are outlined in these documents, given to us last week by John Donisi:

Eureka Oak Creek Term Sheet (2) Revised




Kevin Lewis, BCNA VP of Neighborhood Issues, pulled together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Sarah Andre answered the FAQs and it is posted as a separate blog post on this web-site.  Below is the document, in case you would like to download it:

Oak Creek Village FAQs for Circulation 02.12.13

The BCNA Steering Committee will be voting on whether to support Eureka Holdings’ application by this Thursday, February 28th.   If you would like voice your feedback on this project, please send an email to Cyndi Collen, BCNA President — prez@bouldincreek.org   OR   Kevin Lewis, BCNA VP Neighborhood Affairs — klewis@wholeearthprovision.com.