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West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Trail Opening Celebration

From Ingrid Weigand with the BCNA Parks Department:
We had a wonderful Trail Opening Celebration in the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt last Saturday. Attendees included Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo, representatives from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and Austin Watershed Protection as well as the Austin Parks Foundation and Bouldin and Zilker neighbors.
You can view photos using link below.
The trails will only stay open if they are used consistently, so please go explore! While you are out there, feel free to pull out ragweed at the edge of the paths.
Thanks to everyone who helped get the trails ready and those who attended.
Ours is truly a great neighborhood.

More photos here!

26th Annual Creek Cleaning

26th Annual Creek Cleaning  was held March 4, 2017
in conjunction with the Austin Park Foundation’s
15th annual “It’s My Park Day” celebration.


We had one of our most successful creek cleanings in years this last Saturday.
Thank you to everyone who participated! Also, a big thank you to Fair Bean Coffee whose donation got us started in the morning, as well as breakfast bars from Austin Parks Foundation/ Wheatsville Coop and finished with El Mercado’s tacos and Lucy’s fried chicken – our reward after the work was done.
About 80 people, neighbors and community volunteers, met at 8:30 am just as the rain was letting up. Together, we pulled over 200 bags of trash plus a few mattresses, card board boxes, etc., out of the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt, Ricky Guerrero Park and Nicholas Dawson Park. We finished about 30 minutes before the rain started up again for good.
This is the cleanest our parks have been in a while and we would like to keep it that way. A suggestion – when you go for a walk in any of our green spaces, take a small bag and collect just a few pieces of trash along the way. It does not sound like much, but it really, really helps.
Note:  We are planning a Trail Completion Celebration in a few weeks.
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee



It’s My Park Day March 4, 2017

Ingrid Weigand – BCNA Parks Committee
26th Annual Creek Cleaning – March 4, 2017

New Meeting Place!
The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association’s Annual
Creek Cleaning will take place on Saturday, March 4, 2017
in conjunction with the Austin Park Foundation’s “It’s My
Park Day” celebration. (Rain date: March 11).
Our meeting place will be at 1200 South 6th Street this
year, one of the two official trail-heads of the greenbelt.
We’ll meet at 8:30 am for coffee and snacks provided by neighborhood restaurants, then send teams of people to
different parts of the creek. And yes, if your heart is set on
working in East Bouldin, you may of course do so.
We’ll meet up again around 11:30 am for lunch, also
courtesy of our business friends.
Since 1991, neighbors have met once a year to collect
trash in both East and West Bouldin Creek. While we no
longer pull out large appliances, mountains of tires or huge
pieces of construction materials, the cleanups are still
necessary due to the incredible amount of bottles, cans,
plastic bags and Styrofoam containers that are left behind
by inconsiderate visitors or washed down the creeks with
each rain. And then, of course, there is the debris from
homeless camps.
This year, we’ll concentrate on cleaning up the West Bouldin
Creek Greenbelt. The new trails (see info below) and the
new rock hop will make it much easier to access the area
and to haul items out. We are planning a Trail Completion
Celebration a few weeks later and want the green belt to
look its best!
Gloves and trash bags will be provided. Please dress
in long sleeved shirts and long pants to guard against
possible contact with poison ivy and wear sturdy shoes.
Be prepared to get muddy and dirty and have a very good
time. Kids, dogs and family friends welcome.
You can register on the Austin Parks Foundation’s site
for our creek cleaning.
It’s not required, but it helps us in planning and you’ll get a t-shirt
if you do.  Register here

A little bit of history

BCNA Granted $16,000 for West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Trail Improvements

On Friday, January 6, The Austin Parks Foundation presented BCNA with a check for $16,000 – the grant we were awarded in November for West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt trail enhancements.
And the money is already spent – all work was completed in the last week of December. Look for a Grand Opening ceremony in March, once it warms up a bit and the greenbelt is “green” again. Above Image Features: Bill Stout, John Rooney, Ladye Ann Wofford (APF); Ingrid Weigand, Catie Mohn (BCNA Parks Committee), Cory Walton (BCNA President).

Our sincere thanks to the Austin Parks Foundation for their support!
Ingrid Weigand
BCNA Parks Committee

Austin Parks Foundation Grants Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Ass'n with a check for $16k
Bill Stout, John Rooney, Ladye Anne Wofford – Austin Parks Foundation
Austin Parks Foundation Grants Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Ass'n with a check for $16k
John Rooney, Ladye Ann Wofford (APF); Ingrid Weigand, Catie Mohin (BCNA Parks Committee), Cory Walton (BCNA President), David King (Zilker NA President)

Grand Opening West Bouldin Creek Rock Hop-Saturday, June 4th


Please join us for the Grand Opening of the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Rock Hop on Saturday June 4th, at 10 am, 1200 South 6th Street.

The BCNA Parks Committee has worked with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) for almost four years to create an inviting entrance to the greenbelt, including an easier way to cross the creek without getting your feet wet (at least on most days). Please join us to look at the resulting plaza and our new rock hop.

Mayor ProTem Kathie Tovo, who served as the president of our neighborhood association when these plans for were first discussed, will officially open the crossing. Other invited guests include representatives from PARD, the Watershed Protection Department, Keep Austin Beautiful and the Austin Parks Foundation, as well as residents from the Zilker Neighborhood Association with whom we share the greenbelt.

Light refreshments will be served. In addition to celebrating work done so far, we will also unveil plans for a nature trail system in the greenbelt and ask for residents’ input. We are not planning to add infrastructure, but rather make it easier for more people to enjoy the green space.
After the ceremony, we will give tours of the existing trails that we hope to improve.
Our opening is held in conjunction with National Trails Day – please RSVP to
to receive a T-shirt.