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J Mueller Full Brisket silent auction in aid of Livestrong

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Biding on this item is now closed, and raised $110 for Livestrong. On Monday I was for fortunate enough to attend a Livestrong Summit dinner. At the dinner I won a fabulous prize given by John Mueller of Jmueller bbq on South 1st, in the silent auction. The item included a full brisket, expertly bbq’d fresh by John and the guys on the lot opposite the Elizabeth St Cafe. I’d been down there for lunch a couple of times and knew how good it would be.

What I didn’t know was how big a full brisket is. I talked to John yesterday, he confirmed the brisket was genuine and explained how big and what the value was. I’m amazed, it was such a generous donation. Now, I live alone, and only eat a little red meat, lately in fact only from jmuellers.

So I agreed the following with John. I’m going to re-auction the full brisket, I’ll keep a tally of the bids, and on Monday May 28th at 6pm, I’ll declare a winner. I’ll keep a spreadsheet of the bids so the winner can see they were genuine, the winner will be sent a direct Livestrong Summit link to donate 100% of the winning bid to Livestrong and on receipt of email proof, I’ll arrange to meet you and give you the coupon. Your donation to Livestrong is 100% tax┬ádeductible.

In exchange, John has agreed to buy me lunch the next 3x times I visit. A total, win for me, a total win for Livestrong, a total win for you, and a win JMuellers bbq as their gift of a full brisket goes to someone who can really use it. Feel free to post bids here, on the BCNA elist or email me at m underscore cathcart at yahoo dot co dot uk , facebook friends can also post on the status update there. The starting bid must be a minimum of $40 and I’ll post the daily status here until the 28th.

South First in “Food-O-File”

Build a crosswalk and they will come … culled from the web (source: http://www.austinchronicle.com/food/2012-01-13/food-o-file/):

Nowhere is the burgeoning growth of the local food scene more evident than along South First Street from Riverside to Oltorf, long famous as Austin’s Tex-Mex mile. Besides a variety of cuisines offered in four busy food trailer parks, intrepid diners can now choose …