New BBQ in Bouldin

Texas BBQ connoisseur John Mueller is back serving tasty brisket, ribs, turkey, sausage and sides.  The food truck, massive smoker trailer, and picnic tables occupy an open lot on South First just south of Elizabeth (west side of street).  The local aficionados may remember Mueller’s original Austin eatery on Manor Rd – closed in 2006 to the dismay of fans.  However, early reviews indicate that the Mueller BBQ name is back and better than ever!  The brisket and pork ribs are our early favorites, and the chipotle coleslaw brings a unique tang to the BBQ staple.  They don’t serve beer, but I doubt they would mind if you brought your own.

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am until they sell out!  You can also call in advance for to-go orders.

More information available on their website ( or their Facebook page –

General Association Meeting Minutes

I. Introductions
Went around the room and all in attendance gave their name, street, and number of years in the neighborhood.

II. LiveStrong Austin Marathon
Informal presentation on marathon happening Sunday, February 19th. 21 years, 80% of runners come from outside of Austin. Talked about the Trash Runs that they have been running in our neighborhood, picking up roadside trash on the race route. On race morning, streets that will be closed will be southbound lanes of S. Congress and northbound lane of S. 1st, starting at 7am – 11am. Ari Witkin,    512.585.0158

III. Butler Park Stakeholders Meeting Update
Stuart Hampton presented an update, along with a map, of the City’s current efforts at addressing the off-leash dog area within the 1999 Town Lake Master Plan.    Task Force has worked on a leash-free recommendation to move the off-leash area to the west to address safety concerns of runners/bikers colliding with dogs going into the lake. Stuart encouraged people to attend one of the open houses and/or fill out the survey available on-line to voice opinions.

IV. Elections
Ingrid Weigand is the Elections Committee. She reviewed the requirements that candidates for office need to be registered with the treasurer annually in order to be eligible to vote and become an officer. Jody Zemel spoke to encourage neighbors to volunteer.    Ingrid answered questions about the role of zone sector reps and neighborhood associations.
Motion to slate — Sam Carroll, Ronnie Ditmar Motion to call the question – Vandy Hendrickson, Gary Hyatt Motion to call election – unanimous Motion to fill slate of officers – unanimous, one abstention Candidates:
President — Cassidy Neal Vice President Internal: — Cyndi Collen Vice President External — Cory Walton Secretary — no eligible candidates came forward Communications Director — Gary Hyatt Green Zone — Vicki Knipp Lavender Zone — Laura Raun Carroll Blue Zone — Vandy Henrickson Yellow Zone — Bill Ley Pink Zone – Kevin Lewis Orange Zone – Bookie Orr Brown Zone — Stuart Hampton

V. Parks Report
Ingrid is chair of Parks Committee. Looking or volunteers. PARD requires us to remove brush and windrows. Need to hire a company to remove this for us. Parks Committee would like approval to spend $5,000 each from two parks funds to pay for this removal. Current estimate is $10,000.    Brad asked if it was prudent to spend any money removing the windrows as the city should be responsible for it, not out of our ‘funds. Motion to spend money from Vikki, second from Cyndi. Cory suggested a friendly amendment to contact city council members to say we want a bigger stake in our parks in exchange for taking on costs through current funds with a majority out of remediation funds by January 31st, 2012. Vote – 30 for, 1 oppose.

VI. South Congress Advisory Group
Cassidy presented a recap of what has taken place within this working group since August. Current neighbor feedback would like to see:
— Painting of curbs (for safety — Enforcement of site plans for restaurant — Increased parking enforcements for 2 hour limits on S. Congress — Increased CapMetro access from downtown to S. Congress.
During the working group meetings, changes to RPP have been suggested such as using RPP for only one side of the street. However, consensus in Yellow Zone to keep RPP as is. Cassidy proposes we take some of the work group items, hand deliver polling sheets to Yellow Zone, get affected neighbors feedback, and then gather all the input to determine the consensus position. Gary spoke on how the workgroup would like to wrap this up within 90 days. There was discussion among attendees about the RPP ordinance changes since June 2011.

VII.  Zoning Report
Brad gave the zoning report — — 1401 Bouldin Avenue does present as a residence with 12000 sq ft — 1501 S. 1st — days from opening — 1417 S. 1st – Thai restaurant did some grading and parking work over the past few
months and have a permit on the actual building. — 108 W. Gibson stalled out. — 1503 S. 1st there are rumors there will be a new trailer there. — W. Johanna, Friendly Will Baptist Church, under contract to a housing developer. — 900
S. 1st haven’t heard back as to where the process is in the development of that tract (vetting with immediate affected neighbors first).
— Barton Springs Dawson Road (former Treehouse) proposal for 278 units; demolition of existing property; resistance expressed to the number of units and the consequential traffic.
— North end of S. 3rd (across the creek from old Filling Station site) possible zoning change to get 10 units on the .5 acre lot.

VIII. Miscellaneous Announcements
— Cyndi spoke briefly about the new web-site and asked for input/feedback. — Cory discussed the Imagine Austin plan and its potential impact on future height limits increasing for new residential structures (potential high -rises).

Motion to adjourn by Ronnie, seconded by Stuart. Meeting adjourned 9:22pm.



BCNA Election Results from General Association Meeting, December 13, 2011

BCNA Officers for the next 12 months were elected during the General Association Meeting, held on Deember 13th at the Elks Lodge.  Before the election several neighbors questioned the By-Law requirements.  Ingrid Weigand, BCNA Parliamentarian and Election Committee, explained that our By-Laws require candidates to be registered BCNA members by the last day of the month previous to an election.   Two neighbors were interested in two officer positions but were not eligible because they did not register  by the date required.  They were encouraged to volunteer in other capacities for the next year as you don’t have to be an elected officer to volunteer for BCNA in an important capacity.

Congratulations to our new slate of Officers !

President Cassidy Neal
VP, Neighborhood Issues Cyndi Collen
VP, External Affairs Cory Walton
Communication Director Gary Hyatt
Treasurer Ronnie Dittmar
Secretary Open
Zone Reps
Brown Stuart Hampton
Blue Vandy Henriksen
Green Vicki Knipp
Lavender Laura Raun
Orange Bookie Read-Orr
Pink Kevin Lewis
Yellow Bill Ley




New South First Restaurant to Open in December

Restaurateur Larry McGuire (Lamberts, Perla’s) is launching his newest project, Elizabeth St. Cafe, a “French cafe serving Vietnamese food” on South First.  The spot is set to open in mid-December and is located on South First near Elizabeth St.  Breakfast will be served starting at 7am and dinner will be served until midnight.  Elizabeth St. Cafe dinner entrees will feature banh mi, pho, and noodle dishes and alcohol options will include beer, wine, and sake.  Read more about the menu and concept at Eater Austin –