Happy New Year Bouldin

We hope everyone will have a Happy, Healthy New Year.

With the New Year we have a new lineup of volunteer officers and sector representatives and wish them smooth sailing and thank them for their time and energy.  Contact information here: http://www.bouldincreek.org/contacts/

  A last note from previous President Cory Walton (from Bouldin Bulletin Dec. 2017)
“At December’s General Association meeting, BCNA
will transition into a new lineup of volunteer officers
and sector representatives. Our nominees slate
includes some with a couple years’ experience; some
stepping up for the first time. For me, the last two
years’ participation as BCNA Prez has been a huge
honor and reward to work with fellow neighbors
who’ve served the ‘hood in countless ways, from
writing, producing and delivering newsletters and
updating our web and social media; to orchestrating
huge improvements to our parks; to reining in
special events traffic, parking and noise; to updating
Association bylaws; to reviewing and making
sense of often complex zoning and development
proposals. Four BCNA officers have also served on
important city review boards.”

A big thank you to past and current volunteers and hope to see everyone at our next Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association General meeting
Tuesday, February 13, 2018,  6:45pm
at the High Road,  700 Dawson Road




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