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These are notices from the city regarding zoning meetings, events, or general policy announcements

CodeNext Information

We will try to keep CodeNEXT information here as it becomes  available.

CodeNEXT-Links and info 09/27/2017

Follow these steps-hope it helps!

In “Select location” enter your address or just  enlarge and point at a block,  click on “0n Proposed Zoning”, here is your Zoning               Scroll to the bottom >”To learn more about what is allowed under the proposed zoning categories, you can:”                                                  and click “See the proposed zoning code language

Choose “Section D”  and scroll down for your Zone information.

Permitted/conditional/minor use permits for R3C are in 23-4D-2030. You need to scroll through it to get all the uses. Parking is in 23-4D-2040. Both are found in Section D and you get to them prior to the individual zones. Once again, just click on it and it goes right to that subject matter.

From Kevin

  Hi neighbors. As you’ve probably read, version 2 of the city Land Development Code proposed rewrite is out, and being avidly–if slowly–unpacked.                                                                                                                    Version 2.0 will be the topic of several upcoming open house meetings. Some include:                                                                                                    9/20, 3-4:30pm, Austin City Hall                                                                               10/16, 6-8pm, Austin High School                                                                       The list of all open house meetings is here:              

                                                                                                                                        And here:                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                           This page has resources specific to draft version 2.0                              

                                                                                                                                    Home for the whole project is here:                    

                                                                                                                                 Current information from neighborhood sources:

 More information from our neighbors at Zilker Neighborhood:




Special Events RPP Proposal Info-2017-05-12.

BCNA Special Event Parking Proposal 2017-05-12

Affected Neighborhoods Plan

While still in its formative stage, this program is intended to replace the existing barricade system. The objective of Special Event RPP, like the barricades, is to prevent over parking in the neighborhood during special events. It has the additional benefit of keeping Dawson and Bouldin open to all traffic and will be extended to Mary Street which helps address the over parking that was occurring South of the barricades on Gibson Street.

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Add the COA Recycling Schedule to your personal calendar!

How many of us have trouble remembering if this is our recycling week or not?  As you know, Austin Resource Recovery provides curbside recycling collection to single-family households and some small scale multi-family customers in Austin…but collection is every other week.  Sure, you can go to the website and look it up, but who really wants to take the time to do that?

The City of Austin has added a new feature to their website to help with the schedule, and it looks like this:

My Schedule

Using the My Schedule tool, you can get a personalized collection calendar for all residential curbside services, including recycling. You can add your schedule to Google, iCal or Outlook, or you can print it. You can also sign up for text, email or phone call reminders and alerts.  Use the My Schedule link or go to and you’ll see the My Schedule symbol on the page.

BCNA Letter to Austin Parks & Recreation Board

BCNA opposes the proposed design for the Auditorium Shores Parkland Improvement Project because it does not consider the enormous feedback from park users to eliminate a fenced-in dog area.  Additionally, the agreement between the Parks department (PARD), Austin Parks Foundation (APF) and C3 presents (sponsors of the ACL music festival) refers to the parkland at Auditorium Shores as a ‘major event venue’.  This agreement was signed on November 14, 2013 and C3 requires the city to significantly decrease the off-leash area and install a fenced-in dog park, contrary to public input.

Below is the letter I sent out this evening to the Parks and Recreation Board.  They will be meeting at City Hall on Tuesday evening, 6pm and I plan to present BCNA’s opposition to the design.


Dear Austin Parks & Recreation Board Members,


While Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association (BCNA) wholeheartedly agrees that Auditorium Shores is in desperate need of turf and irrigation renovations, we remain opposed to the proposed design of the Parkland Improvement Project which severely curtails the amount of space available for off-leash dogs, one of the most popular uses of this parkland area and a use that has been protected by City ordinance for several decades.


We understand the timely nature of beginning the project while the trailhead is under construction but PARD and TBG need to be more responsive to the public feedback that questions the current “three meadow” design as being too private-event oriented and too unfriendly to public use, especially by dog owners.  It is a public park, after all, and we feel the current design excludes hundreds, if not thousands, of its’ most enthusiastic “public” park users.


Additionally, the Park Land Improvement Agreement (“Contract”) between PARD, APF and C3 repeatedly refers to Auditorium Shores as a ‘major event venue’.  Town Lake Metropolitan Park, as per the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Plan and the Town Lake Master Plan, envisions the Auditorium Shores/Parkland area as a versatile public space that is available for a limited number of public/private events.


Auditorium Shores is a Major public park and a Minor venue site.  It should not be the other way around.  BCNA believes it is not in the best interest of our residents if this parkland is considered a Major Event venue.  The current annual 25-event-day maximum is meant to ensure that Auditorium Shores keeps the identity of a Major public park while also keeping its’ balanced use intact.

BCNA is disappointed that we have not been engaged earlier during the design process.  BCNA is a major stakeholder at Auditorium because Town Lake Metropolitan Park is located with Bouldin Creek’s Neighborhood Plan.  We are concerned that the proposed design to segregate dogs into a fenced-in area, which is opposed by an enormous majority of public park users,  directly conflicts with the FLUM designation for the area as “Park” or “Public Use”.


Furthermore, BCNA has been alerted that an agreement between PARD, APF & C3 was signed on November 14, 2013 regarding the scope of the parkland improvement project.  The agreement defines the park as a “major event venue” and BCNA clearly disagrees.   As a stakeholder of the park, why weren’t we notified of this agreement and given an opportunity to review it before its’ execution?


Even though I received a copy of the revised design from a Council aide on Friday, BCNA still feels the design is problematic due the continued insistence of installing fences on public parkland to segregate use.  Thus, we respectfully ask the Park and Recreation Board Members to oppose the design, direct PARD to go back to the drawing table by engaging with Austin taxpayers, not C3, to create a balanced design for multiple uses by park users first and foremost, and event-attendees second.


Respectfully yours,

Cyndi Collen, President, BCNA



Rebate Austin !

Rebate Austin! is the Austin Public Library’s one stop shop event for folks to come and learn about all the amazing rebates and free programs available to Austin citizens!

The library has gathered representatives from all the City of Austin departments that offer rebates or free services to Austinites and these representatives will present on their department’s programs and then be available for folks to come up and talk one on one about the programs and how they can apply. In addition to the rebate meet and greet, we will be giving away  freebies, door prizes and coffee to all and  free Taco Deli tacos (breakfast tacos on the Saturday program and dinner tacos for the Monday program) will be provided for the first 40 guests!


Rebate Austin!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

11:00 AM Rebate Austin! at North Village Branch

Monday, November 18, 2013

6:00 PM Rebate Austin! at Manchaca Road Branch

So, just to give you a taste of what we will be offering…

  •  Information on how the Austin Fire Department will come to your home or apartment and provide you with a free home hazard inspection and install  free smoke alarms in your bedrooms –  and the smoke alarms come with batteries that will last 10 years!
  • Through Austin Resource Recovery you can get up to a $75 rebate on a home composting system and reduce your monthly utility bill by downsizing your trash cart?
  • Information on how Austin Energy you can get an $85 rebate on an internet connected thermostat that will also reduce your monthly energy bill?
  •  Through Austin Water you can get a rebate on water wise landscaping that will not only promote local plants and support wildlife but also will require less watering and reduce your monthly water bill?
  • And did you know that for 25.00 you can get a 6 month energy pass through Austin Energy for electric vehicles?!? Imagine a 25.00 “fuel” bill for 6 months’ worth of driving!!


For more information:!

There are so many amazing programs and rebates available to Austinites and we want to help you access them. Rebate Austin! is a one-stop shop where you can learn about all the residential rebates and freebies offered. Meet the folks who offer them and learn how to apply! Food, door prizes, freebies, ways to save money and money-back rebates. The City of Austin and the Austin Public Library are here for YOU!


Thank you for your time,

Monica Jones

Austin Public Library

Ruiz Branch