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Change in Appearance is not having an identity crisis!

We had to change the theme to work out some issues related to the City of Austin firewall caching of the old site for certain people.  Frankly … not sure how important it is for City of Austin employees to access this site — but now it’s become a thing to solve. Nothing to be alarmed about.

We will be rethinking the functionality of the site to ensure that the relevant information you need is available here; if you have opinions about that … please contact The Communications Director ( or use any of the appropriate channels (bouldin forum, meetings, etc)

Server Move Completed

There was a bit of hubub behind the curtain the past couple of weeks regarding the fate of the domain.  The good news?

We still got it!

So now it’s time for thank yous —

Deborah Pfluger of — our former host who provided FREE service for years. We are forever in their debt — please consider GetAha for your webhosting needs.

Mark Boyden of The Noise (  — our new host who was very tolerant of our “chickens-with-head cut off/ whhhaaaatttt?” volunteer-level reaction times; when the stars “finally” aligned he did what was necessary to throw the switch and a whole lot of good advice along the way.

Ronnie Dittmar — hustling up some backup domain names.

Chuck Furlong — Former Resident and all around good guy — for responding to wacky emails coming at him at all hours.

Gary Hyatt — keeping the lines of communication open, being persistent, keeping it real.

Cory Walton and the rest of the Steering Committee — helping soothe the freaked out volunteer tech coordinator.

Please Let us know if you see a change in function or if something is missing.  There should be no difference, but if there is, that sort of information might help us debug the great unknown and get the plumbing right.