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All the News that Fits 2017

A Christmas Affair 2017

Name of Event: A Christmas Affair 2017 Presented by the Junior League of Austin

Date of Event: Wednesday, Nov. 15 through Sunday, Nov. 19

Event website:

Event Times:  Wednesday through Sunday                                                Time event begins: Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m.                             Time event ends: Sunday, Nov. 19 at 4 p.m.

Street Closures                                                                                                                    Time street closure begins: Thursday, Nov. 16 at 8 a.m.                              Time street closure ends: Sunday, Nov. 19 at 3:30 p.m.

Approximate number of attendees: 20,000                                         Summary of Proposed Closure: Streets will be closed to public at Barton Springs Road. Passes will be needed.


 It’s My Park Day Fall 2017-a success!


16 neighborhood and community volunteers met this morning at the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt to widen and repair trails, collect trash and remove some fallen tress along the paths. Go check it out!

The Austin Parks Foundation awarded us grant money last year to have the trails rebuilt. They looked wonderful right afterwards, but, as expected, small weeds and bushes started encroaching almost immediately, narrowing the paths again. In return for receiving the money, we had committed to maintaining the trails at least twice annually. Having a group of people come in and widen the paths again is one way of keeping the trails open; another one is to use them more frequently and have people walk side by side rather than single file and step on the edges.                                                                                  So, please do your part: walk, hike, bike the greenbelt; take your kids and your dogs and enjoy!

At the same time as we were in the greenbelt, volunteers from Corinna’s Austin AmeriCorpsAlums group  cleaned up trash in Ricky Guerrero. Thank you!

Ingrid Weigand                                                                                                                  BCNA Parks Committee                                                                                                    512-663-4632

————————————<>——————————                                                                                                                                               Nicholas Dawson Park clean up 10-21-2017

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday to weed beds in Nicholas Dawson Park on the Gibson Street side. Beds are clean and good looking, bushes were trimmed. (Some blood was shed due to unappreciative agaves as well, but that’s how it goes.) Thanks Cheryl, Laura, David, John, John and Matt!

If you missed it but still want to help, please sign up for It’s My Park Day on November 4 – we’ll be working on the trails in the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt. You can register on the Austin Parks Foundation’s website at                              Ingrid Weigand                                                                                                                 BCNA Parks Committee                                                                          512-663-4632



Update on Special Event Resident Permit Parking Permit proposed changes:

As referenced earlier the City of Austin in consultation with the Parkland Events Task Force has proposed changes to special event neighborhood parking.  Residents and stakeholders attended an open house held on July 13th where the proposed Ordinance was vetted.  Austin Transportation Department will take the proposed Ordinance before the City Council on November 9th. The council will review the Ordinance, parking fines and associated fees required of Special Event sponsors.  At this printing, implementation of the adopted Ordinance will take place in the spring of 2018.

For more information regarding Special Event Resident Parking Permit Ordinance visit:

Palmer Heavy Traffic November 2017 here
Whether you’re interested in avoiding traffic, parking issues, or strolling to a good time, here are the websites to discover the goings-on of which to be aware:

Bouldin Bulletin for October-November 2017

  The same good stuff you might have read while drinking a cup of coffee —but in digital form, a potentially more mobile-friendly, color, version of the Bouldin Bulletin. Available on the adobe cloud with links to our advertisers.                                                                                            Bouldin Bulletin on adobe cloud is available HERE                                        Bouldin Bulletin is also archived on our server HERE                             Headlines: Warren Wildlife Gallery, CodeNEXT, PSW agreement, Parks updates and more!

Older Issues Here:
 Bouldin Bulletin for August-September 2017
Bouldin Bulletin on Adobe Cloud is available  HERE
Bouldin Bulletin is also archived on our server HERE
Mayor Adler to Address BCNA on CodeNEXT at August Meeting and Presidents Message on CodeNEXT                                                             Update on Parkland Events Task-force (PETF) from Thom Parker

————–<>————-                                                                                                   Meeting Schedules, agendas and minutes at blog post below.

BCNA General Association Meeting 2017/10/10

BCNA General Association Meeting
October 10, 2017 6:45 PM
The High Road 700 Dawson Road

GAmeeting-notes-2017-10-10                                                                               Thanks all for a great meeting!

144 initials on the membership lists, (we can use that number as the vote count, since it was unanimous, except for 1 abstention, if memory serves) plus about 40 non-member sign-ins = 184.
Plus a few folks probably missed the sign-ins, so I would call it 195 to 200 in attendance.

I also got back 104 of the 112 Uno cards – just a fun fact, that I’m happy to report!



6:45 – 6:55  Introductions

6:55 – 7:00  Treasurer’s report

7:00 – 7:20  Updates:

BCNA Block Party Event—October 15

Garage Placement tool— Indefinitely postponed

Elections committee —Open spaces for December elections,  voting eligibility

1400 Eva Street residents RPP application

PSW variance requests RC, approved by BOA


7:20 – 7:30  CodeNext Draft 2 Overview-Bobby Levinsky, JD, Former Aide to CM Laura Morrison

7:30 – 7:45  Warren Wildlife Gallery CUP application-Steven Rye, Jesse Ramel

7:45 – 8:00   Warren Wildlife Gallery CUP application BCNA discussion, vote.  Letter to Planning Commission

8:00 – 8:15  425 Riverside Drive PUD Application -Paul Strange, SC position, vote.  Letter to Mayor and City Council Members

8:15 – 8:25  CodeNext Resolution discussion,  vote.                                        Letter to Mayor and Council Members

8:25 – Adjourn

BCNA upcoming meetings

Meeting Schedules:

General Association Meeting: 2ndTuesday, every other month
Steering Committee Meeting:  1st Monday, each month
Zoning Committee Meeting: 3rd Monday each month
Newsletter Publication: 2 weekends before General Meeting

Note: Residents who were not Voting Members during the prior calendar year will become Voting Members effective as of the 1st day of the month following the receipt of their completed new voting membership registration form for the BCNA. If you would like to join the Neighborhood Association to be able to vote or pledge a candidacy please see:

BCNA upcoming meetings:
BCNA Zoning Committee   October 16, 2017

The Zoning Committee serves in an advisory role to the Steering Committee and its votes do not bind the BCNA. All meetings are open to the general membership and public at large. The Zoning Committee will convene in executive session and shall exclude all persons except Committee Members and BCNA Officers from executive session.

Members: Stuart Sampley, Kris Hyatt, Patrick Ousey, Vickie Knipp, Ryan Gullahorn,  Gail Armstrong, Paul Strange Cory Walton                      ( ex    officio )

6:45 – Previous Business and agenda:
•    Angel Funeral Home
•    Warren Wildlife gallery

7:00 – Green Pastures ( Greg Porter )
• 901 and 905 W. Live Oak from SF-3 to GR-MU-CO-N update

7:30 – Prioritizing public benefits for 425 W. Riverside

7:45 – Informal discussion on Code Next

BCNA General Association meeting 12-12-2017                                     6:45 PM The High Road, 700 Dawson Road                                                        Elections  to be held
BCNA Zoning Committee meeting    11-20-2017




Past Meetings:

BCNA Steering Committee Meeting October 02,2017
6:30 PM The High Road, 700 Dawson Road

6:30-6:40 Review past meeting minutes

6:40-6:55 New Business
-BCNA Outreach, Fall event—Robert
-Update on SCWI Committee—Brett
-Neighborhood Night Out Oct. 3
-RPP application on 1400 block Eva Street

6:55 -7:05 Traffic Parking Safety Committee
-Special Event Residential Parking Permit ACL—Thom

7:05-7:15 Parks Committee—Ingrid

7:15-7:25 Elections Committee—Ingrid/Ronnie

-Gary—Web site design

7:35-8:00 Zoning Committee —Paul
– Schultz Tract PUD application—position for GA vote
– PSW 1600 S. 1st variance requests, RC
-Green Pastures Spa/addl rooms up zone
-Garage Placement amendment indefinitely postponed
– Warren Wildlife Gallery CUP request

8:00-8:15 Oct 10 GA Meeting guest presenters—Smart Stops, Preservation Austin? Code Next?

8:15-8:20 Neighborhood Plan Contact Team—
-Garage placement design tool (see above)
-Bylaws amendments mandated by City Staff

8:20-8:25 Sector Updates

8:25-8:30 Other business

8:30 Adjourn


BCNA Zoning Committee meeting 08/21/2017                                    Agenda here:

BCNA Steering  Committee meeting 08/07/2017                          Agenda here:   Minutes coming

General Association meeting  08/08/2017                                           Agenda here:  Minutes coming

BCNA Zoning Committee meeting   07/17/2017                            Agenda  here:



CodeNext Information

We will try to keep CodeNEXT information here as it becomes  available.

CodeNEXT-Links and info 09/27/2017

Follow these steps-hope it helps!

In “Select location” enter your address or just  enlarge and point at a block,  click on “0n Proposed Zoning”, here is your Zoning               Scroll to the bottom >”To learn more about what is allowed under the proposed zoning categories, you can:”                                                  and click “See the proposed zoning code language

Choose “Section D”  and scroll down for your Zone information.

Permitted/conditional/minor use permits for R3C are in 23-4D-2030. You need to scroll through it to get all the uses. Parking is in 23-4D-2040. Both are found in Section D and you get to them prior to the individual zones. Once again, just click on it and it goes right to that subject matter.

From Kevin

  Hi neighbors. As you’ve probably read, version 2 of the city Land Development Code proposed rewrite is out, and being avidly–if slowly–unpacked.                                                                                                                    Version 2.0 will be the topic of several upcoming open house meetings. Some include:                                                                                                    9/20, 3-4:30pm, Austin City Hall                                                                               10/16, 6-8pm, Austin High School                                                                       The list of all open house meetings is here:              

                                                                                                                                        And here:                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                           This page has resources specific to draft version 2.0                              

                                                                                                                                    Home for the whole project is here:                    

                                                                                                                                 Current information from neighborhood sources:

 More information from our neighbors at Zilker Neighborhood:




BCNA General Association Meeting 2017/08/08

BCNA General Association Meeting                          Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 6:45pm                             at the High Road,  700 Dawson Road

Talk CodeNext with Mayor Steve Adler

A successful gathering-168 folks signed in, plus ~20-40 squeezed in late, at the back and in the dinning area. Besides the Mayor we had Mayor Pro Tem/District 9 Council Member Kathie Tovo, her Senior Policy Advisor Joi Harden, along with former Council Member Laura Morrison and other ’04 neighborhood members.
The Mayor gave his talk, answered questions and was reminded:
City Mayor Steve Adler said in October 2016, “We can increase housing in our city without destroying neighborhood character, if we do it wisely.” But the first draft CodeNext blanketed Bouldin with “transect” zoning, converting single family residential properties to multi-family zoning, with up to six units on a single lot, and a variety of commercial uses.
A vigorous discussion is sure follow.

If you missed it (or if you want to relive it), you can watch the attached videos. Thanks to BCNA’s Ingrid Weigand for editing and meticulously breaking down and labeling each question or comment to make it easier to view.
As the Mayor said: stay engaged!
Thanks.  01 Kathie Tovo Remarks  02 Steve Adler Opening Remarks  03 Q: High Rate of Demolitions  04 CodeNext Support Comment  05 Q: East Austin: Community                  Involvement  06 Q: Parking, Watershed  07 Q: Role Of Neighborhood Plans      in Code Next  08 Q: Affordability  09 Q: SF3 Zoning, Singling Out               Bouldin  10 Q: Changing SF3 to New Zoning,      Singling Out Bouldin  11 Q: Infrastructure Upgrade                     Cost,  Mobility Plan  12 Q: Rising Cost of Housing,                   Mixed Income Housing  13 Q: Closure of Neighborhood            Pools   14 Q: Property Values & Taxes   15 Q: Complexity of Building Codes   16 Q: Protection of Watersheds   17 Q: Cost of CodeNext   18 Q: Commercial Encroachment        on Residential Zone   19 Q: Neighborhood Plans as                  starting point   20 Q: Why Density Before                           Infrastructure and Transportation?

We also had ~50-60 folks hanging out as the regular meeting started with a number leaving when the “tedium” of business started.
Approximately 40 folks stayed on for the PSW/Angel Funeral Home zoning agreement update.
35 voting-32 for, 2 against, 1 abstention.
Agreement has currently been postponed by Board of Adjustment(BoA). More info to follow.
We also need to give thanks to The High Road for hosting this gathering and Rick Gonzales for service beyond the call of duty-thanks folks!